Friday, May 30, 2008



That is what grandpa has been calling Tank. It's fitting, I suppose... although I thought snaggletooth was that weird tooth that grows up in the top of your gums. But I guess the definition doesn't really matter. What grandpa meant is this...

Isn't he cute?! :-)

There are worse things than being called Snaggletooth. Poor Tank could lose that second tooth (which is VERY loose, by the way) and then be tormented with the song All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth... over and over and over and over again. Trust me!

I speak from personal experience.

I was in the 3rd grade. Nope, I wasn't being teased by some meanies in public school... but by my dad and my older sister Coco. Yup, my own flesh and blood! (Coco, you are so fun to pick on! hehehee) The teasing was so bad and incessant, I refused to show my teeth when I smiled. I have a family picture to prove it too. Of course, I was then made fun of for my goofy smile in the aforementioned family picture... but I digress. Boo hoo. Poor me.

Anyhow, I actually like how they look and lisp when they lose their front teeth! It's waaay better than that super goofy smile they have when their giganto new front teeth come in and are too big for their still small mouth and smile. I don't know, which do you like better? No teeth or the too big rabbit looking teeth?


Well, Tank is very happy to report this!!!

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