Monday, September 14, 2009

Being normal makes me nervous

I think boys are non-boring by nature. They are always up to something-- and it's usually not a "good idea."

But sometimes they surprise you by just being normal (and I use that term very loosely).

Noah was being normal the other day... just sitting on the back deck doing nothing in particular.

And it made me nervous.

(This is his new rabbit face that he thinks is amusing.)

Noah often finds joy in the little things-- eating dinosaur egg oatmeal, watching Scooby Doo, and the real source of all his super powers...

...Superman socks!

Anyhow, he was just sitting there.

Do you think he was up to something?

Or are you swayed by his heart-melting expression?

Oops. I mean this one.

It really is hard to be mad at him for anything. And it's not just because he has puppy dog eyes either. He is one of those precious kids that truly is repentant for the wrong that he does. He is a peacemaker with a sweet spirit.

I could learn a few things from him.

It is all too easy for me to be critical of my boys (and nervous for no reason-- at least this time). I find myself jumping to (the wrong) conclusions when sometimes I just need to pay a little closer attention. When I need to remember to be still and just observe them... how they talk, interact with one another or just play. That is when I learn the most.

Is there something in particular that you can learn from your child? What about them can you find praise?

Now would be the perfect time to tell your child how much you appreciate that particular quality about him. Go on now. Start your Monday off with a hug and a smile! And maybe donuts too. :)


Anonymous said...

very true Marsha...I need to slow down and appreciate my Devin more that way...I'm so busy parenting him that I sometimes find myself correcting instead of just listening....hurrying instead of enjoying his latest creative invention...or LEGO masterpiece... thanks for the reminder.... Hugs - Donna

Laura Warren said...

Thanks, I needed this!

SuperAngel said...

he is such a SUPER guy! :) Tell Noah rocks those socks! I have a pair of Supergirl socks too! ;)
he is truly a sweetie!

that is definitely something to think about. I look forward to when I am a parent and can do this!
thanks for being such an example and encouragement for me.

Tracy said...

I have a really hard time with my Dd, because our personalities clash. I pray everyday for love, understanding and peace, to take over me when it comes to her! :)

Andrea said...

How about telling my dogs how much I appreciate them? Does that count? Oh well. maybe I need to tell my husband. Gosh, I need a baby..STAT! We are trying, and trying, and trying...

Leanne said...

You mean, What CAN'T I learn from my kids???

When I'm looking, that is....

I tend to know which ones of my kids are always up to something not-too-good. I only have one of those, and she's three....

I'm not usually swayed by puppy-dog eyes. I'm a hardnose!

Good post, good message. Thanks for the reminder.

Melissa Stover said...

i know! they do need hugs instead of criticism. i'm so bad at that.

Nancy said...

My 8 yo just started making that rabbit face too. It kind of drives me nuts. I'm hoping he'll find another funny face he prefers soon! Ha!

Christine said...

Love that face. :) Love my Noah Boah! SO easily amused too. I think Emily and Noah might share a lot of the same qualities. Silly faces, lots of regret when she's done something wrong, doesn't like people (mommy in particular) to be upset with her and is the natural peacemaker in the family. Give Noah a big kiss for me. Ok?