Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Crazy days mean bullet posts-- yay!

1. I put Thursday Thirteen in the title but my tired brain cannot remember if that is a for real linked-up thing to join or something that I am just imagining. My tired body says no way are we going to mess with the clicks and typing it requires to actually look it up.

2. I am missing my cutie-patootie nephew Caden. That is one happy, smiley baby that loves his bath!

3. I am halfway watching Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz while I am typing this post. It makes it harder to come up with 13 things.

4. We will be having our first day of the new school year on Monday! While I know what material we will be using, I have ZERO plans or schedules written out. Not good. I hope to remedy that soon, preferably before Sunday night.

5. Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan should be required reading.

6. While at MD Anderson for treatment, my uncle developed pneumonia, contracted West Nile, and has some other issues. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for his recovery and for strength and encouragement for his sweet wife.

7. Before we left for DC, I realized that our dog Snowball was pregnant. Last night, she delivered one puppy. The scrawny white puppy died late this afternoon. We believe that it was a little underdeveloped and born prematurely. I didn't think I would be so sad about it dying, after all God made creatures to live and to die. I am glad that Austin and Noah didn't get attached. I guess I got a little attached while trying to warm the poor thing and stimulate it with some glucose water. (Please pardon this choppily written paragraph. Could there be less flow to it?)

8. Skip-Bo is a fun and addicting card game. For the record, I was the CHAMPION of the game last night against my mom and dad. (Let's not mention that I did not win a single game the night before.)

9. Are you intimidated or offended by my wild and crazy Tuesday evening? (see #8)

10. Old Navy (in-store) has an extra 50% off their clearance items right now. I'm just sayin'...

11. I'm thinking I should have put this post off until Friday so I could participate in 7 Quick Takes Friday instead.

12. Has anyone tried this alarm clock? It's a bit pricey for a clock but might be worth it if it would help me to wake up in the mornings. But then again, laying off the caffeine and going to bed at a decent hour is practically FREE. Maybe I should try that first instead.

13. I wish we had tetherball. Even though David would school me in it. Just call him Napoleon.


Tracy said...

Yes, it's a real meme, a couple of them out there actually...and I CHALLENGE you to a game of SKIPBO, woman! Bring it on!

Sorry about the puppy.

Sammy4meowz said...

I wish we had teher ball too!!! I now have a new blog on blogger... I am not as computer savvy as you so I have no clue how you link dtuff and how you post the same thing on both yuor blogs. I wan tot add pictures and slide shows of my family, but have no clue on that either! Oh well!!!
Love you Marshy!

Deedee said...

Sorry to hear about the puppy. :o( I'm glad you are home and having a good week other than that! We actually bought Skip Bo at Christmas and haven't gotten around to figuring it out yet. I'll have to dig it out and find out! Then when you do ever get a chance to fly over here sometime with David we can have a Skip Bo challenge night! LOL!

Susan {LilbearMe} said...

Yes, Pilgrim's Progress is a must-read. I really like the recent movie based on the book. Skip-Bo? I've seen it but never tried it. By the makers of Uno I think. Have you tried Apples to Apples? Another fun card game.

Thanks for the rambling's like my brain! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Skip-Bo.
We read Pilgrim's Progress in 8th grade Literature. I'm afraid I didn't like it then.
I would like to re-read it as an adult. I'm pretty sure my feelings will have changed. :)

So sorry about the puppy. Are there more?

beckypdj said...

Enjoyed this post, especially the Napoleon Dynamite reference :)

Suzanne ~ TheJoyfulChaos said...

"I wish we had tetherball." May just be the best sentence I will read all day!

SuperAngel said...

There is an official Thursday 13:

Caden is adorable! *awwwww*

I'm so sorry about your uncle! :( Will be praying for him and his immune system. and also for his wife.

that is sad about the puppy. But it sure doesn't take long to get attached to babies... of any kind!

love you!

Ali said...

I was just reading your previous posts about your trip to DC. How fun!! I would LOVE to take my kids to see all of that one day.

Your nephew is CUUUTE! Great picture of him.



Lainie said...

Loving the bullet point/list thing-- our days are crazy too! CUTE BABY!
Pilgrim's Progress is required reading for us this year (yea!)

Totally praying for you Uncle and his season of Job.

Sorry about the puppy :( So... is she still preggers with other puppies? How does that work?

Glad you are home safe and sound.

Finally, thanks for the heads up about Old Navy-- will try to get there this week b/4 it's all picked over!

Whew! Have a great weekend :)

Sisterlisa said...

I invested in a fancy alarm clock that had a CD player in it so I could wake up to my whale sounds CD. Then my daughter LOVED it and decided to 'borrow' it one day while cleaning her room and I never got it back. It's ok though my cell phone alarm has a CUTE birdy tweet and froggy croak that I like now. :)

Christine said...

I miss cadybug! :( I'm sorry about your puppy. :( I'm sure you ROCK at Skip-Bo. I'm sure you play it enough and get LOTS of practice. :P I love you!!!

Ruthanne said...

Sooo . . . have you got any school plans made yet? ;D

Debbie said...

I love you :) Oh, and I totally went to Old Navy last weekend! Got 6 things and spent $24. Awesome :)

Rebecca Young said...

Hey, Marsha!

I haven't checked in on you in a while, but I wanted you to know that I think of you often and am still praying for you all.

I am so sorry about the little puppy. :( We now have an inside dog, and he is truly a part of the family.

I hope your school planning goes well, and that you get your ideas and plans situated just as you'd like them to be.

Hope you have a great weekend as well!

Blessings to you all,

Rebecca Young

Valerie said...

I like your list, and #5 reminds me that Answers in Genesis has an EXCELLENT audio version of Pilgrims Progress that is acted out by various people. (Just saying . . .) ;)

Have a great weekend!

Heidi said...

Hello Marsha! I didn't have time to read if anyone else discussed your new school year, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I recently purchased a scheduler for the first time, even though the kids' use SOS and their schedule is all computerized. I liked the ideas this scheduler included. :)

Hope you enjoy a great weekend!!!


Brandy said...

I wish I would have read this earlier. I always go to the Old Navy extra clearance sales, but I didn't know about this one. :( Darn my bad luck.