Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrandom Wednesday

Cease and desist on the rolling of your eyes at the title of my post. You know you love yourself some bullet pointed (bulleted point?) wrandomness!

+Sometimes I am not the only girl in the house. It's fun to do girly things like crafts and painting and baking. I know that you can do this kind of stuff with boys too, but it's more peaceful with girls.

They don't make sound effects.

+ Do you think it's sad to be completely excited over a poster?

What if the poster was this one? (Or dost thou discriminate against all-things-geeky?)

I am going to get this for my boys.
I am even going to wrap it.

Not to worry, it'll be a more attractive gift when I throw these into the bundle to use as placemats!

(You may now breathe your collective sighs of relief. You're welcome.)

+ I thought it was momentous to leave my boys at home alone so I could go get donuts the other day. Karen has me beat though. Her 9 year old left today to go to the Congo for a month! But he's going with his daddy so no need to worry about all of that unaccompanied minor stuff... or that it's a very long flight to Africa(!). I love missionary families-- their sacrifice and courage and willingness to give all to tell others about Jesus. And most of the ones I have met are fun and interesting and complete awesome-neighbor-material! (Are you reading this, Amy?)

+ Christmas cards might be a complete no-go this year. I just can't work with these people!

David looks really mean. And Noah? Very thrilled to be here.

Too bright! Too bright! And Noah? His poor head is almost cut off.

Too blurry, too bright and too goobery. And Noah? He blends into the crowd with this shot. (Austin? Don't ask.)

Ah well. At least it's proof that the poster of the Periodic Table of Elements isn't so far fetched of a gift idea after all!


Christine said...

Your boys are so dorky. Noah looks too cool for this nonsense. Austin... gotta love him. David... he looks mad/mean in quite a few pictures. We all know he's not THAT serious. :P Of course you look beautiful in all of them. Maybe you should just crop the pictures up into 4 sections so you could have your own beautiful space. :) And, it doesn't take a poster to prove your goobery nerdness.
Oh, glad you had a girl to hang out with. They are (most of the time) much more peaceful to hang out with.

Lainie said...

I love that poster!!! You have no idea how I feel about the Periodic Table of Elements. Serious.

You know what would be totally funny for your Christmas card... buy a photo from iStock of this totally "perfect" looking family... all blonde would be great and underneath the picture have it say, "Merry Christmas from the Drews" or something like that. Then put one (or better yet all) of those pictures of your actual family inside the card with some sassy sentiment like, Love us anyway :)

Or maybe not... it's late and my brains are fried...

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh Lainie! I feel like I should delete your comment to mask the lameness that someone else besides myself came up with that great Christmas card idea! You are SO clever, girl!!!

And I DO know how you feel about the PTOE. I've seen your science videos!

Lainie said...

Oh honey, delete away and do it! It would be hilarious! Make sure the "husband" has a full head of hair though! :D LOLOLOL!

Annemarie said...


*love* the pictures!

Seriously, that elements poster is awesome!! My oldest would almost be jumping up and down to get such a cool gift. I think that I might pass it on the the grands.


Karin Katherine said...

Okay, use the blur over their faces and write their names...

Or just do a photo of you with them drawn in as stick figures.

Or just a photo of you with
"David, Noah and Austin not pictured"

Send a holiday *newsletter* about how you cannot work with these people and thats why there isn't a CARD.

Jac said...

haha.. I can completely relate to those photos. I resorted to doing individual shots this year. By the way- I think that poster is awesome! ;)

Shell said...

I've given up on getting a group shot for the time being. I figure I'll do a collage instead. Somewhere, I might be able to find a pic of each of my boys where they are actually smiling.

Tracy said...

I would offer to create one from the three, like I just did on my blog for a friend...but you are right, they are hopeless! LOL

Melissa Stover said...

that is one beautiful poster. i might have to get one myself. you would not dare to not send me a photo card for christmas. goofy or not, i want one.

SuperAngel said...

I love all those photos! We still have the photo of y'all from a couple years ago framed on our wall! :)
Love you! {{HUGS}}

Pajama Mama said...

On the up side, you look GREAT in every photo. So what's the problem? Just kidding. My choice is the first one, where you are each displaying a different emotion: happy (you), angry (David), surprised (Austin) and bored (Noah). It will be a facial expression feast for viewers of your Christmas card. :)

Anyway, glad to have found your blog! I have read a big portion of your blog and I am utterly amazed. I am in awe of you and your family. You are the ultimate inspiration.

RaD said...

It's kind of funny but my six year old daughter would probably like that poster. She likes to learn all the time. She especially likes all things science: animals, plants, people, rocks, plants, planets you name it she knows about it and what she doesn't know she'll just make up so it's better if we keep her learning so she's much more accurate :)

Leanne said...

The photos made me laugh.

Out loud.

I know. Amazing.

You look classy and beautiful and totally aware that everyone around you is a dweeb and you are just rolling with it.

I think it would be classic to send one of those pics as a Christmas card, instead of the posed, cropped, doodled with, perfect, Photoshopped pictures that everyone has to have these days. We don't do Christmas cards or photos. I can't stand the stress!

Girls? Yeah. I love hanging out with 'em.

And the title of your post? Set my teeth on edge!


Anonymous said...

It is such a relief that I am not the only mom to get my kiddo geeky stuff for Christmas. (You were serious about the poster, right? Haha). My 4 year old is into anatomy. The more exposed muscle and bone and EYEBALLS, the better!!

Kd said...

I just leave Nick & I out of it. If I let the boys stand, climb, and then show off their muscles, they all smile and look at the camera. But then, that's not a "family" picture, is it??

Heidi said...

Love this :)

Lisa Culpepper Mays said...

Marsha! Being friends with you is so good for me! You always make me smile!

I can totally relate to this post! As you may remember, I am the only girl in my house, too. My husband and my 4 boys are constantly making sound effects! And it is like "Mission Impossible" to get a family photo with all of them smiling pleasantly @ the camera!It really does a girl good to get together with other girls, get away from the noisy, rough&tumble boys, and do "girlie stuff" for a while.

I love to get my pink-fix when I shop for my nieces for birthdays and Christmas. (I just got one of them a gorgeous Victorian Tea Time Barbie! It was Soooo fun!) And I love to shop for girlie things for baby showers. But I must admit...I feel much more comfortable in the Hot Wheels & Action Figure isles than I do surrounded by all that pink!

I'm thankful for my boys, as I know you are for yours. God bless you!
Lisa Mays
Monett, MO

p.s. Maybe this year you can try a more casual or artsy pose (when nobody is looking directly @ the camera) for your family photo. Some ideas I like are:
the whole family piled onto the couch with Daddy reading a story to them.

the family (from behind) toasting marshmallows in the fireplace.

Everyone sitting in the floor around the Christmas tree...either passing each other gifts, or shaking gifts to guess what's in them.

walking hand-in-hand through a Christmas light display in a park.

Any activity your family enjoys together in the winter could make a good candid shot for Christmas photos.