Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remember these shows?

My sister Bobo is a TV... junkie? That's not quite the word I'm looking for but she does know her old school TV. When we were little, I was always amazed at her ability to remember things that I never noticed the first time around-- details like names of actors and words to theme songs. I guess that's something to be proud of?

And she still watches Golden Girls.

"You mean you miss out on the Saturday night lineup of 227, Amen, Golden Girls and Empty Nest?! They don't make TV like they used to. Oh, I forgot about Major Dad!"

My baby sister makes me happy. :) She's sitting next to me at my sister Coco's house listening to theme songs on YouTube.

In her lineup so far this evening:

- Rocky Road (I always wanted to have my own ice cream shop.)
- Just the Ten of Us (I loved this show!)
- Out of this World (I vaguely remember this.)
- Small Wonder (This totally made me talk like a robot back in the day.)
- Punky Brewster (Never really watched it bc it aired on Wed. nights and we were at church.)
- The Hogan Family (I watched it, but not sure if I cared much about it.)
- Silver Spoons (Wouldn't it have been cool to have all those arcade games in your living room?)
- Mr. Belvedere (Aw. I liked him!)
- Gimme a Break! (Nell Carter annoyed me but I watched it anyway.)
- Major Dad (Good one.)
- Night Court (I think I saw every episode. Marsha Warfield was intimidating.)

And they make fun of me for being a Trekkie.

What was your fav show from back in the day? With LOST and 24 gone, how do you plan to spend your TV time?

PS Coco admits to being hooked on Falcon Crest. I'm just sayin.

PPS And then we ventured into more serious TV like Tour of Duty, Airwolf, Hart to Hart,Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and Hunter. Okay, I seriously have to stop now!


livinginbetween said...

I miss the Cosby Show! Loved it, buit thanks for reminding me of Punky Brewster and Mr. Belvedere. Loved those too. :)

I'm really an old tv show girl though. Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy . . . . you just can't get any better than those!

Annemarie said...

Wow...this takes me waaay back! I rediscovered Major Dad on HULU and watched all the seasons available. Growing up as a military brat, I found it so funny that he married a liberal. Today, maybe, but back then? I dunno.

And Small Wonder. It's so hard to believe that TV has evolved from that to what it is now.

BTW, your sister is so beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I think the only show from that list I ever watched was Punky Brewster. My favorites were Full House and Family Matters (gotta love Steve Urkel).
We don't have tv now, so we watch a lot of youtube videos. Last night we spent a good hour watching Mark Lowry videos. I LOVE him!

Beckypdj said...

Happy Days & Laverne & Shirley
Growing Pains (love Mike Seaver)
LOve Boat (I was too young to know any better LOL)

*Jess* said...

I loved 227!! :) I totally watched that line up!

I probably miss Family Ties, Charles in Charge, and Growing Pains the most!

Unknown said...

Well, way back when... I loved the Brady Bunch. My Mom used to watch Leave it to Beaver with us and tell us it was on when she was a kid. I thought Beaver was the greatest : )

Now I watch the Real Housewives and almost anything else Bravo has to offer. LOVE those shows. Can you believe I never watched Lost or 24? I feel like a loser! Have a happy weekend friend!

GammySel said...

Crosby and facts of life..
Nothing is like the old shows..


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I loved all of those shows. It's just not the same anymore. I also loved Who's the Boss, Growing Pains, and of course Leave it to Beaver and Brady Bunch. I guess those are a little older. Oh, I went to college with the Dad's son on Step by Step. What a fun post and memories. :)

hsmomma said...

My husband and I LOVED this post.....we have spent our Saturday morning watching youtube, ha! Here are some more we watched:

Facts of Life
Knots Landing
Simon & Simon
T.j Hooker
Designing Women
Miami Vice
Perfect Strangers
Dukes of Hazard

AHHHHH.....somebody stop me! LOVE us some old school tv!!

Gwen T said...

Loved Major Dad and Punky Brewster. You're a trekkie too?? The real question is are you a fan of the original series or ST - The Next Generation??

Gwen T said...

AND Scarecrow and Mrs. King - one of my all time faves.

Current TV watching - almost zero. We got rid of our satellite 2 years ago and can get almost no local channels. However, it's a good thing - we do lots and lots of book reading and an occasional NetFlix.

Paige said...

You left a comment on my moms blog the post (Bravery Hearts) and you were saying if I remembered you, while being at your church. I just wanted to let you know I did.I did not know about Christian at that time but I remember you getting some toys out for my brothers and playing with them I can remember leaning over to my dad and saying look that lady really enjoys playing with the kids she cares about them.So when we got back home (we always have story's to tel when we get back from going on deputation with Dad)I told my mom about you had played with the boys so good and how you could play the flute (ps my mom plays the flute too),and you could ask her and she would say that I really enjoyed this one lady (you) playing with the boys. You may not remember but I do and I always will!

Heather said...

Love Friday Night Lights!! I really enjoy the relationship between the husband and wife, so real... especially last season when she wanted the big fancy house and he told her that he would like nothing more than to buy her that house, but that they couldn't afford it and what it would do to him if they did... terrific writing:)

Amy said...

Oooh I remember all those! Out of this World I hadn't thought of since way back then! See if she remembers "Down To Earth". I couldn't find any video of it. It was about a maid from the 20's that was sent back to earth to work for this family to earn her wings.

Susan said...

Remington Steele. Love Boat and Fantasy Island. A dream of mine was to go on a cruise because of The Love Boat, and we did for our 10th anniversary.

Fifi said...

Marshie you got me reminiscing sooo mushie!!!
Being in the south .... (ie, the south of Africa) we haven't seen some of the shows you spoke about, but what I have seen (and loved) are SILVER SPOONS, MR BELVEDERE, THE COSBY SHOW, FACTS OF LIFE, GROWING PAINS,FAMILY TIES and the GOLDEN GIRLS.
I do have wonderful memories of the good wholesome family shows that were aired when I was a teen.Pity todays family sitcoms are not worth a family viewing!

Deedeeuk said...

Oh! What fun! My favourites though were:
-Families ties
-Growing pains
-Facts of Life
-Little House
-Scarecrow and Mrs King
-and (drumroll please....) Remmington Steele! (of course I'm now married to my very own 'Remmington Steel'!!) :o)
Thanks for the walk down memory lane! - Deedee

Dana said...

Golden Girls is the best! My daughter also loves it and she is 16-2 received 2 sets of dvds for Christmas and you would have thought she won the lottery.
My husband is a trekie and 3 of our children have trekie names! Only true trekies get their names and only true trekies of the original series gets one of their names.
I loved the bracelet you made with Christians name on it. Very precious!

Anonymous said...

Little house
Knight rider
Charles in charge
Partridge family