Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why did I buy a scale again?

I did something last week that I haven't done in years.

Stepped on a scale. In my very own bathroom.

I don't know what possessed me to buy the scale last week. Maybe it was the 75% off price tag. Maybe it was the decorative glass-- like that would somehow make the numbers in the little window less offensive to my eyes. Either way, I am questioning my sound judgement.

After Noah was born, I wised up and tossed ye old bathroom scale away. Why bother? Does it really matter what I weigh when the only thing I really care about is my health and feeling well?


Let's be honest here. All I really care about is fitting into my jeans, preferably without having to suck in my gut in order to zip and button. Boy oh boy, is that getting to be dang near impossible lately.

Okay, I'm not saying that I'm pleasantly plump or anything. But being a mere dozen pounds away from my full-term-prego weight is not my idea of a good time.

I place the blame solely on my love of wearing skirts. They are comfortable, pretty, and *here's where the true problem lies*... elastic waisted. When I've eaten baked a few too many cookies and/or loaded my coffee down with lots of cream and sugar, the skirts forgave me. They love me like that.

The jeans? They hold a grudge. They are stubborn. They hate me like that. (And the feeling is mutual!)

So now I have this pretty scale in my bathroom and hoping that it will somehow encourage me to exercise.

Do you have a scale at home? How often do you step on it?
Do you blame the uneven foundation of your house or the phase of the moon on your weight fluctuations like I do?


Christine said...

I get on the scale probably once every couple of months. Just out of curiosity. It's a little discouraging to see a high number on there, but I'm not too bothered.

Anonymous said...

I went to the doctors today and their scale read 3 lbs. heavier than what my scale at home said. :P
I go through spurts with checking the scale. 1 month I will be obsessed and weigh myself 3 times a day and other times I will go a whole month without weighing myself.
I have about 20 lbs to lose to get back to what I weighed B.C. (before children) :)
I am trying not to be obsessed with my weight and just focusing on being healthy, but it's hard. Society puts so much emphasis on having the "perfect" figure. It's hard not to get sucked in.

Sam said...

I quit weighing everyday, and gained a I am back to everyday. I will never be the one who "once upon a time lost 80 pounds". Mine is gone for good! So for me,I will do the everyday. Love your scale!

Deedee said...

I bought a new scale about a year ago. Digital this time so that I couldn't lean one way or another to shave a few oz off the weight. :o)

I usually weigh myself once a month a couple of days after my 'monthy visitor' leaves. This is my lightest time of the month and the least depressing time to get on the scale. Also, by doing it the same time every month I know it is an acurate picture of whether I lost any or not and how much.

During the month my weight can fluctuate by several pounds and it is just too depressing to do it every week! And I eat when I get depressed so it is a vicous circle!!! LOL!

I'm mainly focused on being healthy, and reducing portion control. If I do some restricting diet, I'll only put it all back on when I eat 'normal' again with the family.

So far I've lost (and kept off) 12 pounds in 13 months. But since it came off so slowly, it seems to be staying off - yeah!!

Hope the scale helps you and doesn't cause you to need any replacement windows any time soon! :oP

livinginbetween said...

Nooooooo! No scales in my house! (Can you tell how I feel about them?) :)

I weigh myself every once in awhile at my mom's house, but that's rare too. I just figure if my jeans feel squeezy, I need to take it easy (on the chocolate, that is), and that I need to get my rear in gear.

Which, by the way, I do need to get movin'!

Marcia said...

That scale is so pretty - I wouldn't want to step on it!! I actually have an aversion to scales - and typically groan when the nurse has me stop to weigh on the way in to the examination room! Argh!

amy in peru said...

My sage advice: stick to skirts! ;)

that's what I do!! hahahahah!!!

No, but seriously, jeans are the real test! I wear skirts 100% of the time here in the jungle if I'm not in my ultra light pajama shorts... and the same thing happens when I go to the coast... will my jeans fit, will I have ANY thing to wear? For me, my lament is that if my jeans don't fit... that means NOTHING fits and where will I buy new clothes?! so, I must NOT gain weight!!

and yes... you CAN gain weight living in the jungle. aside from intestinal parasites... you eat WAY more ice cream and cold fruit (sugar added) drinks!

ahhh. it's a middle age problem. ;) hahahahah!

I think pleasantly plump is nice.

amy in peru

amy in peru said...

oh and as for weight fluctuations... yeah. I variably weigh-in somewhere in 7 pounds range. always. I can't seem to beat it. all because of coconut ice cream :)

amy in peru

Dawn Camp said...

I broke down and bought a new scale recently, too, although not nearly so fancy schmancy as yours. ;-)

I had no idea that skirts were the answer! Yes, my jeans don't like me, either. I turn my hangers around backwards at the beginning of a new season to see what I do and don't wear, and I had a couple of pairs that were never worn this winter. Just wouldn't fit. I gave away one of my favorite suits to a friend at church a couple of weeks ago because I knew that waistband and I would never again be friends. :-(

Paige said...

Yes why do we step on scales.So we can jump off and try to erase it from our memory I use to weight at least once a day I thought the scale was a toy,not now I try not to step on it. But I have to say the scale is very beautiful.

Anita Johnson said...

I must have saved your link from an old I heart faces contest and when I saw this post I had to laugh. I too, would like to lose a few pounds since my "babies" are now 25 and 22 years old. I bought a scale and was shocked by what I saw. How could that be? I'll even admit there have been days where I have stepped on it, made the bed, and then went on it again, just to check it's accuracy. Oh, it's accurate. Now I am friends with it. I step on it every morning...just once. Slow, but steady weight loss, I keep telling myself.
Oh, and by the way, I blame it all on sweat pants. So big, so comfy. Best wishes to you!

amy in peru said...

I just came over from the fb link because before I came from my e-mail... and never did see the pictures of your scale until now! I know why you bought it! It's cool looking... though I don't think it can take an accurate measure with your toe over the little window with the numbers in it... ;)


amy in peru

Lainie said...

Can I get real for a moment?

Maybe it's just me... but I don't see how skirts can be a satisfactory solution esp. since then my thighs would be Siamese twins. Does anyone esle know what I'm talking about??!!

In pants, at least each thigh is sequestered into it's own space.

Don't get me wrong... jeans are not my friend either.

And since I can't spend my life in a Snuggie, I have found the answer... Cassidy fit slacks from The Limited.

They are magical.

They have kept me from pursuing my drastic measure...

dyeing my hair bright orange, y'know, to draw the eyes upward :D

rural momma said...

Nope, no scales here and let me tell you why in one word...Obsession. ;o)

Gwen T said...

that is a really cute scale - maybe that would help me.... I decided I'm going to just keep having babies (our youngest just turned 1) - then I can always blame extra weight on post-pregnancy? How many years do you think I can keep this up? :)

Ruthanne said...

I do have scales in my bathroom, but I haven't stepped on them in a couple of years ~ *which* might be my problem. *snort*

I heart elastic waist.

sara said...

What a pretty scale!

I step on mine like a maniac everyday - sad to say.

Anonymous said...

Just stepped on my scales this morning. Then I spent the afternoon walking at the park. Motivation, I guess. usmom