Thursday, July 22, 2010

o ruthanne, where art thou?

fabric shop,
drink lattes
geek out...

It's been a pretty fabulous couple of days, y'all.

I am sad that Ruthanne and her fun and adorable children are leaving in the morning. :sniff, sniff:

Why can't we be neighbors? Our kids play so well together. And we have fun, even when we're doing a bunch of nothin'.

Who's going to drink coffee with me tomorrow?

Or practice with the speedlight? Or help me figure out how to fold up that stupid reflector (or is it called deflector?)

I hope you come back again REALLY soon.

Like waaaaay before the next Bourne movie comes out.

Be sure to bring our blonde buddy with the no-lid-Carmex addiction with you.

Yo, over and out.


Tracy said...

So cute!

hsmomma said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I am totally cracking up at the "no-lid Carmex addiction"....that is SO her. :)

Christine said...

Aw. Glad y'all had fun. I loved the pics. The 2nd one is my favorite. :) Love you!

Melissa Stover said...

while we're not neighbors, i'm glad she's close enough to load up and come spend the day with me. now if we could only get you to move to arkansas. think of the fun we could have!

Chicky said...

I think all y'all need to move to California - think of the adventures! The coffee! : )

ps-I still need your address - I have a SIGNED goodie here for you, remember?

Leanne said...

No ya'll, Marsha needs to move to WA, so that she can be close to her sister AND ME!!!!! Oh, and Susan and Emily and Gayle!!!

Ruthanne has great hair and great cheekbones, oh, and a great smile too!!!

Marsha's pretty too.

I'm glad you guys had fun.

darcy @m3b said...

"y'all" are killing me.

wish i was there.

miss you both oodles.