Monday, January 17, 2011

routine and i called it home today

I referred to our hotel room as HOME today. As in, "Hey boys, when we get home we need to call daddy on the computer."

Maybe it was from the high of finding Starbucks ground coffee at Kmart?

A girl can get a little tired of the Nescafe 3-in-1 instant coffee granules after a few days.

And then when we Skyped with David tonight, he said that he couldn't wait to get home and be with us. :) I suppose that home really can be anywhere, so long as it is where we are all together.

(Well, almost all of us anyway... the absence of Christian has really been on my mind a lot today. *sigh*)

We have already established a routine here in Guam. It is as far from complicated as you can get!

6:30 AM - wake up (without an alarm clock!), eat cereal or oatmeal, brush teeth
7:00 AM - walk on the beach and swim
8:30 AM - snack (swimming makes you hungry)
9:00 AM - a little school (or not)
Noon - Go out for lunch (eating out gets old old old fast fast fast)
2:00 PM - beach and pool
3:30 PM - read or play a game in the room (Chess, Monopoly, Uno or Skip-Bo bc that's all we brought)
5:00 PM - supper (eat out again. expensive and blech. or eat Easy Mac or PBJ's in the room- yay!)
6:00 PM - sunset on beach, pool/hot tub
7:00 PM - back to room, computer time
9:00 PM - read in bed and go to sleep

While I don't miss all the busyness of going and doing we had at home (soccer, Scouts, guitar, stuff!), I do miss cooking and sewing and my king size bed! I know that will all be waiting for me when we get back to Texas.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the togetherness, sunsets, Skip-bo tournaments, morning walks, and not having to share my boys with anyone else! :)

Do you like your routine? Has the snow or cold in your neck of the woods allowed you to slow the pace a bit or does it just drive you crazy a la The Shining?


Nancy said...

You are such a great mom. Enjoy!

Leticia said...

Wow! Sounds like your having a wonderful time! I'm struggling with jealous sitting here with a chill next to the fireplace. ;) I love winter, but when your being visually bombarded with white sand beaches and thoughts of relaxation and no cooking.....ahhhhhhh, sounds lovely. I am however speaking from a sleep deprived body that was up almost all night long with a two year old who has chicken pox.....and appears possibly to have an ear infection too. :( So a wonderful vacation looks lovely about now. :)

As for your comment on my picture with my beautiful couch, I don't think I'll attempt a 70's processing on it.....I like to pretend it's a nice chocolate brown leather couch.....that'd totally ruin it! LOL!

Dawn Camp said...

I love Skip-Bo. :) Yes, I always call it going back home when we're on a vacation, too. You're right, it's about family.

Lesley Peck said...

Awww it sounds like a lot of fun! I love hearing what ya'll are doing over there.

I say get a hot plate for your hotel room :) They might not like it but....You could make smaller meals for lunch time like...grilled cheese, grilled hot ham & chese, chicken quesadilla.

OR if you have a regular toaster & microwave available - toast your bread, then place whatever you want in between the bread and heat in microwave for a few seconds (maybe 20-30) This makes for a SUPER FAST grilled (toasted) cheese. I do it for the kids all the time :)

Rosie B. said...

Your boys are very handsome, Marsha!
Like always beautiful pictures. The water and sand remind so much of Puerto Rico; I haven't been there since '96 *sigh*.

And I'm lol at the instant coffee.. I love the real thing too but when my mom comes to visit I drink my instant coffee ('cause that's what she makes) just to please her ;-).

Tracy said...

Skip-bo is ALL you need baby! :)

The pic of the boys is gorgeous!!!

Glad you are getting into a routine...and enjoying your time. Just think later, it will be something you think back on and MISS!

Debbie said...

Love the routine! Sounds fun to me :) But I'm sorry you're missing the home cooking--wish there was something I could do...I love you, Marshy!!!

Susan said...

Yeah for Starbucks! Eating out all the time, blech. I love that picture of the boys. ANd what a fun and great routine. Love it.

Unknown said...

I love your routine. What a fun way to live for right now. For this short season.

The king sized bed would do me in I think! I am so used to it now.

Praying for you every morning. Love, Becky

Christine said...

Love the pictures and glad you have a routine you love. :) Sounds DIVINE! :) Love you!

Melissa Stover said...

i'm loving the gorgeous beach pictures. apart from the early wake up call it sounds like a fabulous day.

Unknown said...

Love your schedule AND the beach pics. Makes me homesick! I'm so glad ya'll are having a good time!

Dana said...

Unfortunately, the snow just has me thinking how much Mattias would have enjoyed it. He loved riding down the little hill in his car. He would have loved the toboggan. Or just watching everyone else. Outside is just where he wanted to be.

Unknown said...

So glad you are enjoying local foods. Knew you would, of course. You are a foodie and not a wimp at all.
Home -- :-) Home is wherever we are sleeping that night -- an apartment, a guest flat, a hotel, a tent. That's home for then. It IS home. When family is together, that's home.

Gwen T said...

The colors in those sunset shots are just perfect! Makes me want to go to the beach - and I'm not even much of a water person!!

Faith - said...

Sounds like a great time! New food, new view...when do you want me to come visit? Lol!!

Sam said...

It's gorgeous there!