Thursday, March 24, 2011

bye bye snowball

We're having a garage sale today. It is time to clean house and get rid of some stuff.

I just realized that I have neglected to announce that we are moving to Guam for a year and a half! Why is it that if I post something on Facebook, I assume that everyone knows about it?

Hence the garage sale and getting rid of stuff.

We said goodbye to Snowball the other day. Nope, she didn't die. In preparation for our move, we decided to reduce the amount of work and worry around here. I'm a bit emotionally attached to Snowball. Yes, she irritates me and jumps the fence and stands smack dab in the middle of the doorway when I have an arm full of groceries, but I do kind of like her.

I remember when she was this little.

We wondered if she would ever grow into her ears!

And then the super happy day when my photo made the Top 10 at I Heart Faces.

But what really made me all misty eyed when we said goodbye to Snowball was that she knew Christian. Kind of silly, no? I have this video clip where Christian was surprised to hear Snowball scratching at the back door. *sigh*

But things are things and dogs are dogs and we can't keep things and dogs forever. Especially if we are moving halfway across the world.

I think Snowball will like her new family. They haven't returned her yet so that is a good sign!


Jac said...

Aw... it's always hard to say bye to a pet. Praying your move goes smoothly and looking forward to hearing all about your new place! :)

Becky said...

I have a very hard time with being emotionally attached to everything. I missed the announcement that you were moving to Guam, but I had wondered. Can I come, too??

Unknown said...

Congrats on the move! I'd no idea that you had a fb account. you seem so busy with other stuff and how could you keep that up too. Do you tweet to for pity sake? No, just kidding. Hope the assignment goes well and maybe we'll fly thru. Our daddy kept his job. We're aiming for Hawaii to see Papa see an active volcano (his bucket list), so maybe we'll overshoot and end up in Guam. HA!

Beckypdj said...

I'm sending you a friend request :)

Beth said...

Wow--moving to Guam, I didn't know! congrats! I guess I don't know what your husband does....military? (That was always the question we're asked when we tell that we've lived in Korea :) Happy packing--and saying goodbye to a pet is never easy....and it's not silly.


GammySel said...

You are moving.. wow to Guam- are you happy for the move?
Why there?
Why just a year and half?

Are you excited?
What will you do with your house?


Tracy said...

WHAT????????? Moving to Guam?

'Splain it Lucy!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

snowball is cute and i would feel the exact same way about her!
i can't wait to read of your experiences and see your pictures of your time there!

Jenna said...

How exciting- for you AND for me! Let me explain. Our family has felt led to explore full time missions and the organization that we have applied with says that their biggest need for our skill set is Guam. We are thrilled and so excited, but it will likely be at least a year before we raise support, possibly longer. In the mean time, I spend my evenings reading blogs about Guam and from those who have lived/spent time there. that's how I found your blog a couple of months ago when you were there temporarily. I loved your blog (I am also a Christian homeschooling mama) and I have been checking in with you since I found the blog. Maybe...just MAYBE our time on Guam will overlap with yours and we can meet IRL. How wild! I'd love more details on your blog as to when/where/why etc for the move!

Gwen T said...

Sorry, Marsha. :( (btw - great picture -- that's one worth framing!!)

RaD said...

Awww... But I am sure you are right. Moving a dog across the seas (or ocean, whatever) wouldn't have been too easy anyways. You probably did the right thing. But that would have been really, really hard for us.

Amber said...

Wow! What a move!!! I'd love to hear more about why you are moving to Guam!!!

Christine said...

What? You're moving you say? To Guam? J/K. Even though we'll see each other just as often after you move as we do now, I still miss you more when you're in Guam. *sigh*. I can completely understand your attachment to Snowball. I know it was difficult, but you'll always have those memories of Snowball with Christian. I'm glad you found a good home for her. I love you Marshy. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. MWAH! :*

Karen said...

Wow! He is a beautiful dog! Happy moving.

Talysa said...

I'm crying. Shocker I know. I would have looked at saying goodbye to him the same exact way if I were in your shoes. I believe it is the complexity of a mother's heart. A mother's love.

I know your heart must still ache terribly in those types of moments in life. I simply cannot imagine. You are such an inspiration and challenge me in my faith Marsha. Thank you so much for letting me peek into your life. :-)

Congrats on the move. Exciting!

Melissa Stover said...

oh this breaks my heart and that was the best dog picture ever. i loved that one.

Sam said...

No matter how often I put your blog in my feed- it disappears! Enjoy your move!

Faith - said...

So can you believe that we actually not even friends on facebook? I need to fix that asap!