Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane report from our neighbor

One of our neighbors decided to stay put for the storm.  She called us this morning to let us know that she had 2 trees down in her yard, lots of debris, but no significant damage to her home or to ours (that she could tell).  What a wonderful blessing!  We currently still have electricity and there is NO flooding!  We at least expected flooding-- so yippeee!!!  Things aren't quite over yet, but they sure are looking good!   God is SO GOOD to us-- so much more than we deserve!


We are anxious to get back in town and will probably head towards home later today, weather permitting.  Dh is off of work until Monday but has talked about going to work tomorrow-- so if someone else has damage to their homes, he can work for them and they can stay home to straighten things out.


The hurricane is currently right over Jasper with 100mph winds.  Jasper is the next big town from my father-in-law's is about 15 miles away.  At least if things are bad there, his folks can stay at our place in the meantime.


Thanks for your prayers and we'll keep y'all posted!  For our friends who stayed, I hope y'all are doing well and that you'll keep us posted on your situations.


God bless you,



MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...


Have been praying for you and your family. So glad to hear that your family is safe, and your house survived. Still praying. Keep us posted as you can.


Amy Beth <><

berrymorin said...

Continue to stay safe and keep us posted.