Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Sorry to disappoint y'all but I am NOT prego!  (Don't even think about calling mom, Coco!)  However, my two older boys have been cutting out leaves from construction paper this morning.  We're going to do something with them, just don't know what yet.  Anyhoo!  This is the conversation that I overheard this morning.


4yo: Hey, we're both cutting out our second leaves at the same time!


6yo (with a big grin on his face):  We're twins!!!


4yo:  Yup, we do everything together.


I am sooo thankful for moments like this!  There was a time when they couldn't even be in the same room together...they would always fight and scream at each other.  I prayed for them...a lot...


I honestly thought that they didn't love each other and I was a horrible mother.  Because mothers are supposed to control these things, right?  Then one day another kid hit my younger son (2yo at the time).  My then 4yo yelled at the other kid to go away and then attended to his younger brother.  *LIGHTBULB*  Ohhhhh...They can hit and beat up each other, but no one else can...They DO love each other!!!


Eventually, they started playing together more and actually sought out each other's company...without fighting too much.   They have come such a long way to THIS MOMENT OF TWINDOM!  What a blessing!  They still fight sometimes and aggravate each other, but most of the time they play merrily together and have lots of adventures and say weird, funny things that I can post about here.


Thank you, dear God for your love and blessings upon my family!  And thank you for a family that loves to spend and is able to spend both quantity and quality time together.


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JenIG said...

ahhhhhhhhh, that is very sweet. .... and even if they did hate each other, God is very gracious. Me and Gena used to want to seriously kill one another dead, and now we're best friends.


ccmmum said...

My girls went through the same thing. It seemed like for the past year they couldn't speak to each other without being mean. But we have been seeing a big turn around lately, thank God! They have actually been playing together every day for over a month now.


mominpa said...

we have "twin-dom" here too....they pick on each other and wrestle (but not fight) but don't THINK about seperating them!!

We tried to give them each their own room awhile back and the both SCREAMED...no no no I LOVE MY BROTHER, HE'S MY FRIEND!!! NO!!!!!

So they are still together. Oh and don't try to give just one of them a treat...they'll hold out for the other!!! Sometimes when only 1 deserves a treat, I'll explain it and I have caught them sharing their 1 snack with the "guilty" party!!

Kids....... gotta love em' right??? I wouldn't have it any other way!! I joke with dh that when/if we have #3 we'll have to have #4 because these to are SOOO tight!! :)


I'm with Jen - God is very gracious. My sister and I really had some battles, especially in our teen years ; O. Just yesterday she called and shared some pretty deep stuff that is going on in her life and she even told me that I am the only one she feels like she can talk to..so we are best friends now. I am so glad cause I think that is how God really wants it to be after all. Enjoy your blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Suzanne said...

...it's much too difficult to choose which blog to go in which category. I have enough trouble trying to determine in which category my entries need to be. :-)

Regarding my 8:00 thing... I'm not sure why I picked that time. I think I was simply referring to the morning in general... in that, I need to daily (preferably in the morning) deny self, take up the cross, and follow Jesus. Does that make sense now???? (So, I guess the only "crime" I committed at 8 was that I didn't deny self.)

I don't know if what you wrote applies to what I wrote... but what you DID write was an encouragement to me. Thanks!!!

As for your two older boys and their twindom discovery... that's neat! Our girls tend to have similar "fighting" situations, but if anyone else "fights" one of them, watch out for the sisterly love to "kick in."

Beth said...

You could have them write what they're thankful for on the leaves, and them paste them to a "thankful tree", or just tape them to the wall, or strew on the table for decorations.;-) I love the new pic of you and your dh, though I also miss the one of you and your boys. You could always just put that one below, in your sidebar, maybe? Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

Suzanne said...

...yes, I LOVE having loving in-laws! I just wish they lived closer than nearly 800 miles from here. :-( Oh well. Life goes on. I should be [and AM] thankful (and not just because it's Thanksgiving time) that they are born-again believers in Jesus Christ and that they want what's best for their grandchildren.

happy thanksgiving

angelstar said...

Isn't it a blessing when your children delight in one another? I have the same thing with my boys - worrying about whether they really love one another or if they will always fight and squabble! However, I do get wonderful glimpses into their love for one another just like you did! God is good! I think sometimes I expect my boys to react to each other like my sis and I do and I forget, they're boys!!! LOL Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!! Lots of love ~ Julie

amysue said...

What a nice family you have! I have 4 boys, and then God gave decided to bless us with a girl (she is highly hormonal and only 11 1/2 months old). Thanks for the book recommendation of My Father's Dragon ... my boys are like yours, antsy after 1 or 2 chapters. I'll have to get that one.