Friday, March 24, 2006

Contests and other stuff (revised)

In light of JenIG's wackily-wacko-with-the-comments contest where the prize was an ultra cool $225 KNEX set, I'd thought I'd post a few happenings to make sure y'all didn't miss out on anything else.


Be sure to check out Chickadee's very cool fun and fit contest!  There are some great (and hilarious!) entries so far and the deadline is Friday (TODAY!!!).   Although I'm not very good at being fit, fun, fittingly funny, or funnily's my entry that dh took this morning.  BTW, Dozer and Dash are VERY heavy!!!




DandelionSeeds has a Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge that will be starting soon.  She is almost 33 weeks prego so we will be riding the nesting, hormonal and very fun roller-coaster with her!  Besides, who can resist the lure of winning a magnet? (asgdj;'ladsgjkl;'agdfsj'klfahgasjk;laglkjagjklag;)


When not being stalked, Gena-bena is giving away a PILGRIM'S PROGRESS curriculum!


Oooo, and Jaybird just came up with a brilliant new contest where all you have to do is leave a comment-- and you can with legos!



Okay, that's all I can remember in my very limited gray-matter.  If y'all are aware of any more, let me know and I'll revise this list.


Now get busy-- it's time to win some free stuff!!!


One more thing, be sure to stop by Donna's blog and congratulate her on her BIG DAY!!! 





PS  Since it's tax time, check out HomeschoolCPA Carol's blog.




mistresninos said...

Hilarious? I haven't seen your entry yet. :-p

chickadee said...

i better be getting a picture of you real soon.

Leigh2 said...

Please, NOT tell me about any more contests. I just can't take it anymore! The madness must end now. Here I am, eyes closed and fingers in my ears, singing "LA LA LA LA...I AM NOT ENTERING ANY MORE CONTESTS...LA LA LA LA!"

Amber said...

You are NOT allowed to enter Chickadee's contest! You have to be UN-FIT, I saw you, did you not read my last comment? You're too perfect! Just kidding, not about the perfect part.

0:) Amber who will probably not win another contest.

dawilli said...

There should be an official list somewhere of ongoing contests...

thanks for putting this together,


chickadee said...

how did milo get to your house. are you supposed to have a blonde kid?

Amber said...

I'm glad you entered, but now I have more competion *sigh* oh well.

God Bless,


PS~ You are a WONDERFUL MOTHER! I just know these things

Amber said...

You deserve EVERY compliment I give you, PLUS, they're all TRUE, ask anyone here and they'll agree:)

God Bless,


mrssulli said...

I just found your page and it looks like such fun! I'm going to have to come back and visit! I have 3 girls, so I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. Hope you stretched out before exercising that hard!!!

Leigh2 said...

LOL! LOVE the picture! But no, I still completely refuse any and all least for a few days. I am shell-shocked after the last one. :o)