Thursday, March 2, 2006


I found this on ccpeterson's blog today:


We have lost a friend here at HSB.  Missey passed away yesterday afternoon, after having a c-section.  The baby is doing well.  My heart is in pieces for this family.  Please keep them in prayer during this very difficult time.  I can't imagine how her children must be feeling right now.


Like her, I cannot imagine how devastated her dh and children must be right now!  Praise the Lord the baby is doing well though.  This totally breaks my heart...




Pattycake has this updated info on her blog:




I just had it confirmed -- fellow homeschool blogger Missy passed away unexpectedly yesterday after giving birth.


I am waiting to learn more details.  I remember when she emailed our loop (Basically Beechick - she was the list mama) that she was pregnant.


Honestly, I am shocked beyond words.


Just pray for her family, and lets wait for more details, which should be forthcoming later today.


This was cut and pasted from the email on the loop where Missy was our list mom:


Yesterday Missey went in to get her stress test that she's been getting every 2 weeks.  The test showed that Missey was loosing amniotic fluid and that she had lost enough of it for  it to be alarming. That's when they decided to go ahead and take the baby.

After they lifted the baby from her body, some of the amniotic fluid got into her blood stream and caused a blood clot, which is what caused her death. She never came out of surgery. Her mil said that this only Happens 1 in 200,000.

She said that the girls are holding up OK. She said that they all slept, no clung, together in their bed last night. The oldest got up at one point and asked if little Nathan could also sleep with them, so they moved him into the bed with the 3 girls. She said that Tom is just in a daze. He has gone to the hospital this morning to be able to feed the baby.


Tom and Missey had chosen a name for the baby, but after Missey passed on they decided to name the baby Melissa Kate.







mistresninos said...


This is just so sad. I will certainly be keeping them all in my prayers.

God Bless.


Janne said...

So very very sad. :(

mommyx3 said...

I didn't know Missy, but my heart is breaking right now. I visited her blog and was able to get a glimpse of what a wonderful woman she was. This is just so terribly sad. I will certainly be praying for her family. I cannot even imagine what they are going through right now.



DandelionSeeds said...

Thank you for sharing this... I'm posting it on my blog as well...


In Him,


Suzanne said... "talk" to. I just "happened" upon your blog, and yours is the first I read of many who've posted something about Missey Gray. Thank you for posting!