Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vote now!

It's time to vote for the Fit and Fun Blogger Contest that chickadee is having... so take a look see and vote by Tuesday!


And no, you don't have to vote for me. :-)  If you vote for Bek though, please note that it is a pic of her tying her shoes while 20 weeks prego.  If she wins, I think she should be required to send in another pic at....ohhh... 36 weeks prego as well... now that would be a workout!


Have a great weekend!




PS If your kids are bored this weekend, simply take some masking tape and run a start and finish line in your hallway or living room.  It's AMAZING the things they will come up with on their own!


dawilli said...

I agree about the preggo picture! 20 weeks my foot! Just kidding, I shouldn't talk, I always get a hard time about how I don't look pregnant until 6 or 7 months... well, seems to get a little earlier each time... should show pretty good by 5 to 6 months, just in time to be in a maternity dress in my sister's wedding! sorry Sylvia!

Anyway- loved the pic of you working out with your boys!


dawilli said...

There's masking tape on my living room floor right now... been there a week... it's the beginner balance beam! We'll bring in a 2x4 soon... my girls aren't exactly future gymnasts... probably have my inner ear issues... so we'll need some more time on the tape,


Amber said...

She told me she was going to post another picture of herself, I can't wait to see it!

0:) Amber

DiWilliams said...

We have run out of masking tape because my boys use to bandage their broken GI Joes! Their latest thing is playing "dodge-tag" ... a combination of dodgeball and tag ... otherwise known as running around the house throwing a big ball at each other.

Blessings ~ Diane

tn3jcarter said...

With your 3 boys even closer in age than mine, I can only imagine how crazy it could get. For awhile my homeschool group did soccer games on Saturday mornings. They just practiced for awhile first and then divided the kids up into 2 teams and let them play.

Did I tell you that my youngest loves the videos of your boys on the sidebar? He'll see me on the computer and ask to go see *those little boys. :o)

mrssulli said...

Maybe I'll try that - these girls are going crazy around here today. So much for a day of rest!

eyecorn said...

DS will add 2 more pieces of tape to make a square for a "karate arena" Can you see it DS13 and DD5...she's just high enough to get him in the shins...he claims he's toughening her up. I go in there and, as my mother used to say, "Somebody's going to start crying!"


How was your weekend, friend? Was just thinkin' about you.



DandelionSeeds said...

Would you please stop over to Adventure Acadamy's blog and encourage her to stay at HSB? She has experienced two deaths recently in their family and is discouraged. Let's join together and lift her and her family before the throne of God.

In Him,


DandelionSeeds said...

I am sending out a "mass apology" to everyone I told about "The Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge". I have received some comments in regard to leaving the button on people's blogs and I feel the best way to make sure there aren't others who are offended, is to apologize to those I sent the notice to.

I feel just horrible that some thought I was "advertising" in some way when my intention was to share with other homeschoolers what I was offering as encouragement and a way for us to join together.

If you are one who was upset by my post, please feel free to delete it and email me or leave a comment on my page and I will personally apologize. To those who have joined in The Challenge, I'm so looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us and hope we will all be able to bless our families and grow in the Lord through it! Thank you most importantly for seeing my heart. I never meant to disregard anyone's post when I left the comment about the Challenge, and want you all to know that anything you ever have to say to me, whether on topic or not, is more than welcome on my blog. I will also be making a new category on my blog that will list those of you who don't mind getting urgent prayer requests or information from time to time. I hope this way I will be able to avoid upsetting anyone similarly in the future.

Thanks for allowing me to comment on your blog. I hope you will accept my apology (and not be upset that I'm "off topic" from your post, but I have many people to get to still tonight).

In Him,

Amy Verlennich


I laughed OUTwardly (normally when I chuckle while reading blogs it's INwardly) your comment on my blog. Where you ended it with, "I'm starting to embarrass myself." .....dlfjladsfjldsjfldjsfljdsafjdsj - that cracked me UP. You are so funny. OK and now you have committed. You said you are coming out for a visit. Holding you to that


gena :-)

CreativeHomeschooling said...

If I give my older boys masking tape and tell them to have fun in the hallway...mmmm.... I could just about bet the two littlest ones would be taped to the wall when I came back!

Jennie von Eggers

Leigh2 said...

I'm trying the masking tape thing today...since Bobby is away on his trip for work, and my children are of the opinion that I am the "boring" parent, I am happy to have ideas! :o)

bek said...

i think you should be required to submit a picture of you lifting your boys when they are 10 years old and up! tying my shoes is working, because i've only gained 2 1/2 pounds!