Saturday, March 18, 2006

Seeds and a major accomplishment

Tank:  Mommy, when we get home I'm going to plant these seeds!


 (look closely...can you see them?)



Me:  Seeds?


Tank:  Yeah, I'm going to plant these seeds and grow a hamburger tree!!!


He was completely serious.  That is one of the bzillion reasons why I love that boy!  He always warms my heart, makes me laugh, and what mommy wouldn't love it when her son kisses her hand and tells her she's handsome?


*sigh*  I'm SO blessed!


Poor Tank was so disappointed that the sesame seeds from his hamburger bun weren't hamburger seeds after all..............and so was I!



Oh, and I can't believe I failed to mention Dash's great accomplishment!  Now, I told y'all that my friend Dixie was superwoman...Well, she also taught Dash how to ride a bike without training wheels...and in less than an hour!   Before this trip he just didn't want us to take the training wheels off his bike.  Nope, I like them on!  But after seeing all of the other kids riding without training wheels, he wanted to give it a go. 


So a hint to all of those who have kids who still use training wheels-- you can either find yourself a superwoman friend with nine kids to teach your child or you can wait until he's almost 7 to teach him.  I'm sure it will cut down the learning time dramatically!


Gotta go.  We're off to grandma and grandpa's for the weekend!  Have a great week and be sure to check out the latest video of Dozer on my sidebar.  Isn't he c-u-t-e?!





mistresninos said...

That is so funny about the "seeds." Kids get the most interesting ideas.

chickadee said...

that is so cute!

i didn't teach my daughter to ride until she was 7 and the younger one is just beginning to ask to be taught, she's 6. plus, this is a big confession: neither of them know how to tie their shoes!

JavaMama said...

I love to read about your boys and your love for them! It is so encouraging and sweet! Thank you for sharing your precious moments with your boys!!!

JOYfully in Him,


Amber said...

I see that you are DEFINITELY BLESSED!!!!!

God Bless,


PS~ Hope you had a GREAT weekend:)

ccpeterson said...

That was hilarious about the sesame seeds!!! And....Dozer is too CUTE!

JenIG said...

a hamburger tree. your kids are the greatest

Bek said...

so did you let him try to plant the seasme seeds? that is so cute that he thought it would grow a hamburger tree. i love reading your blog, i need to find time to make it over here more often. what a brave woman you are for camping with 22 kids!!


What great boys you have. And what a good mom you are!

wardssward said...

That is really cute! My boys save seeds from everything, too. Just last Sunday, our oldest brought home seeds from the lemon in his lemonade at Sirloin Stockade. I don't think there's much chance of growing a lemon tree in Iowa, though. :-)


DandelionSeeds said...

lsakjdf;lasfdj;asldfj;asldfj;asdlfj;asldfj;saldfj;sldf... I just love your kids... this is too funny!



Janne said...

So cute!!!