Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dash's dental update

Thank you, my friends, for all of your great advice and prayers about the dentist!  I found a great pedodontist that actually accepts our DMO and was able to get appointments today.  We took both Tank and Dash in for checkups and cleanings right after lunch.


First the good news.  The dentist, staff and my boys were great!  We had zero meltdowns, whimperings or even frowns.  Tank even got upset yesterday when we were talking about taking Dash to the dentist and not him.  So we were very happy when we were able to get both boys in for checkups and cleanings.  I just know that if they were in public school, they would've been quite fearful of the dentist from all the horror stories that other kids would likely have told.  I am very thankful for their positive attitudes-- it sure makes it easier on not only them, but everyone else around them as well!


Now the bad news.  As I suspected, Dash has two bad cavities.  He's taking antibiotics now and I filled the prescription for the feel-good medicine he needs to take before we get his teeth filled on Friday morning.  I wish I had that stuff when I was little!  


Tank also has some small cavities that are beginning to form between his back teeth.  We got a prescription for some flouride gel to floss into that tight space.  What a blessing to have caught this early while it is still small and fixable!


While I'm thinking of blessings, I am also thankful that this happened to Dash now instead of later.  He'll be 7 years old at the end of summer, and that is the precise cutoff age for our insurance to allow him to go to the pediatric dentist.  So if this had happened even 3 months from now, he would've had to suffer the rougher hands and demeanor of my dentist!  Yikes!!!


Another blessing is that the kids have been talking about sugar all day long...and in a good way.  Mommy, does this have sugar in it?  What about Capri Sun?  Candy?  Cheerios?  What about this?  This whole dental visit has really encouraged my kids to CHOOSE water over juice and to not ask for those gummy-tooth-sticking fruit snacks.  Pretty cool, huh? 


I am SO thankful that I am able to stay home with my children and have the time and opportunity to talk to them about brushing, flossing, and sugar.  Not every mommy has the gift of having these small moments to talk with her children.


And while I've got your ear, they advised that we brush our children's teeth for them until they are at least 8 years old.  They can brush for practice, but always follow up yourself to make sure they get a good brushing.  I guess this is where I messed up.  Ever since Dozer was born, I've been letting the kidlings brush their own teeth.  I guess they're not as thorough as they should be...


Anyhow, thanks for the advice and encouragement.  Please keep him in your prayers for his appointment on Friday.  My sweet dh will be taking him for that appointment.  It's a lot easier on him than it is on me!  Plus, it encourages Dash to be a little tougher than he might otherwise be...although I don't think he'll even know what hit him once he gets the meds. :-)


DanielleW said...

Wow, we are supposed to help them until 8? I never knew this. Probably why my 5-year-old had 2 cavities. Well, I guess I need to stop being lazy and help him brush his teeth more.

Glad the visit went well and that DS2 is still in the preventive stage.

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

glad everything turned out OK at at the denist. Will be praying tomorrow for his appointment.

Have a great week!


Amy Beth <><

homeskoolmom said...

I have NEVER heard of getting anyone in to the dentist in less that weeks if not months, much less days. Antibiotics-- poor child, must have been really bad. Our children love our dentist--he is really great. We all see him but it took a long time to find him too.

Have a wonderful day,


eyecorn said...

I always let my DD5 do her teeth....I better start helping her, again. Thank you for passing along the dentist's advice!