Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My best days

When I look at my best days, those are the ones where I spent much time at home and actually interacting with my children.  Not just co-existing or being in the same room.  Not just trying to trudge through our lessons so I can get on to other things that I need to do...


Nope, my best days are like yesterday.  I planned to spend the day truly with them.  Unrushed.  Relaxed.  That was my purpose.  Not a byproduct of chance.   It was a good day.  A great day, in fact!  For both me and my children!


David worked all Sunday night (with no sleep) and got home around 7am.  I knew that he would appreciate a restful, quiet sleep for several hours.  So the kids and I quickly got dressed and slipped out the door.  Destination: Shipley's Donuts.  The kids were ecstatic about actually getting donuts for breakfast IN the donut shop!  And they loved looking at, with their own eyes, all the varieties and toppings available.  I wish I could've taken a picture of the expressions on their faces for y'all to see-- talk about priceless!


After pumping them full of sugary donuts, I thought it would be a grand idea to take my children to... Nope, not the park to run off all the sugar-energy.  Even better than that...  THE LIBRARY!  Oh man, am I a genious or what? ;-)


We turned in our bzillion books from last time and headed to the ...*sigh*...movie section first.  Each of the boys got to pick out one video/DVD.  Tragedy averted.  Now we could move on to books!  


Dash wandered away from our "usual" area and found that they had re-arranged the library.  It was such fun to see three little tables with bookshelves all around.  The shelves were filled with great non-fiction books-- the kids were in heaven!  They completely stocked up on books about trains, bats, trucks and almost had one about Madagascar. 


Tank ran up to the book when he saw it was about Madagascar.  The boys always talk about wanting to visit "the wild" in Madagascar.  When he saw what Madagascar really looked like (the land, people, villages) he actually ARGUED with me that it was NOT Madagascar!  Silly boy.  You'd think that he really though he'd find a picture of Alex the Lion in there...


LIBRARY TIP:  If you have big book checker-outer's like I do, then take a small carry-on luggage bag with you.  The wheels and long handle makes it easy to carry a ton of books.


Wow, this post is getting really long.  Condensed version of the rest of the day:  After library, we went grocery shopping.  Home to a real lunch.  Finished three days worth of lessons in only one day-- because the kids wanted to!!!  Spent time with daddy/hubby.  Watched their videos together as a family.  Supper-- yup, I cooked that one too  (hooray for me!).  Quiet rest of the evening until bedtime. 


What a great day.

Do you think it was the donuts???


CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl said...

Marsha.....I think you are great!


Canadagirl said...

I have such good memories of donuts with my Dad. That was our special time out as a family. I loved looking at the donuts probably just like your little ones did. It is so nice to have a nice day in the homeschool journey.

In Him,


OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. I think I need to have more of those--just being days, not the "gotta accomplish so much" days.



chickadee said...

i love days like that too. i'm planning one thursday. we are participating in the story time at our library then taking a river boat ride. i think i am more excited than the kids. we love library trips. i'll have to try the donut thing though. seems like that was a great trick.

mominpa said...

Could be the donuts....only one way to find out.....try it again!!! ;)

I love days like that too......just really enjoyable!!

Tiany said...

Lovely Day!!! I think I am going to steal your GREAT ideas and do the same one day this week, or when my boys are well again! Donuts, library and all! Sounds like such fun! And what a sweet wife you are to think of dh let him rest up after a long nights work! :-)

Have a blessed rest of the week!

opheliag said...

Definately the donuts! I always feel better after donuts especially one with chocolate icing! Sounds like a really fun day.

DebiG said...

Ok!!! Now I have a craving for donuts! LOLOL., It sounds like you had a GREAT day. I need to do something like that. WE need it!

MistyKrasawski said...

Sounds great! I'm headed to the library myself, tomorrow--should have gone today, but we were in the midst of the tornado watch/tropical storm warning! No biggie; just rain and some wind. My grass is happy, and our giant watermelon is getting BIG!

I went to Target this morning with ds on our monthly date to buy some kids games. Fun! The only problem was the "Don't Spill the Beans" which was missing one piece. Have to take that back tomorrow, too.

Glad you had a great day!


DanielleW said...

LOL, I don't think it was the donuts, I'm sure they helped though.

Your day sounded great. That is so true about not just co-exisiting with your children.

Mama3boys said...

Who wouldn't want an excuse to keep repeating having donuts for breakfast? Tongue in cheek firmly!

Can I come to your school? Please!

Jen in Oz

wardssward said...

100% Great day = 1% donuts + 99% spending time with kids. Yes, the donuts count! :-) It was fun to hear about your day... and encouraging to the rest of us moms. Hope you have more like it!


eyecorn said...

Thank you for the proof that doughnuts lead to high productivity levels. What a great reminder that we need to really BE with our children...like you said, not just coexisting in the same room.


I think it was the mommy!

When you coming to the Smokies -- we might all get togetehr in your honor.

Be bLessed,


dawilli said...

I HOPE it was the donuts! I think I'll try it and see if it works for us...

What a fun day, I should pay off our library fines and get back over there... yep, should really do that...

have another great one,