Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pics of the weekend and our first cavity *ugh!*


Me and my niece Emily (she's one month old now)


This one is Tank (who will be 5 next month) and my little sister Lele (real name Leah...lovely, isn't it?...much better than Marsha which sounds so heavy and clunky...Leah is so light and lovely and cheery!)


My sister Coco (who's real name is lovely as well-- Christine) put this together.  She's Emily and Benjamin's mommy... My boys are the bald ones, Ben is the one with the cool rock-star hair!  I guess we need to work on photoshop'ing those arms out of there as well... hehehee... ;-)


We had a great time visiting my folks in Fort Worth.  Everyone except for my little bro was there.  It's getting increasingly difficult to get all five of us kids together each year...and that's not counting the missing spouses.  It doesn't help that we live in different cities and different coast's even.  But it does make the time we spend together that much more precious!


Anyhow, we drove back late last night and avoided rain until we were about an hour out.  So not too bad.  There's been quite a bit of flooding here in Houston, but we fared pretty well.  I can hear the deafening sounds of frogs right now... I'm not kidding, it is really loud out there!  You can't even carry on a conversation outside without almost yelling.  WEIRD.  The frogs, crawdad's and all sorts of wet-loving creatures are out in full force tonight.  It does bring for some great bird watching in the morning!


Oh, the cavity.  Or perhaps cavities...as in plural.  And why oh why does this have to happen to Dash!  While he is the eldest of the three kidlings, he is also the most...what's the word I'm looking for?.... sensitive.  *sigh*  I need to call around tomorrow and find out who takes our insurance.  I hope the pediatric dentist will accept our DMO.  I am SO dreading this!  But my ever sweet and loving dh has volunteered to be the one to do the dentist duty.  While I hope he has a little compassion for Dash, I worry that he'll be too tough on him.  I'll get over it though, especially since I just can't even think about listening to the whining, crying and whatever else that is bound to come with this visit.


The good thing (or is it a bad thing?) is that he has never been to the dentist before.  So there are currently no negative associations with the visit.  He only knows about the happy Berenstain Bear's book/video on a visit to the dentist.  Plus some other Nick Jr or Barney shows about it.  I have not taken any of my children to the dentist yet because of the many conflicting pieces of advice from dentists, friends, and even doctor-- go when they get teeth, go when they're three, don't go unless they have some type of pain, etc.  *sigh*  and *SIGH* again...


Please pray for Dash and the dentist...that we find the right one and can get in immediately.  He's been complaining all afternoon about his tooth hurting.  And it even looks like a cavity to my untrained eye!  Zoiks.  I'm ill just thinking about it.  I had several cavities when I was little and absolutely HATED going to the dentist!  While I never threw a fit over it (I knew better than that!), my little Dash is not quite as much of a people-pleasing-rule-following-authority-following individual as I was.  So please keep him and his tooth in prayer.  I feel really bad for the little guy.


Any advice?  Anyone?   Anyone?



DanielleW said...

Poor Dash. The books/videos are a GREAT start. They really help to add confidence to what is going to happen. My DS, 5, just got two cavities filled and it was a piece of cake. I was worried but he did great. I think as long as we stay positive and unstressed (is that a word) they do fine. They take their cues from us.

dawilli said...

The pictures are great! Glad you're faring well with all the water around there...

Sorry about the cavaity... my kids ahven't been to the dentist either, and my oldest is in need, but I've been procrastinating... he's gonna need braces, big time... I really don't want to pay for that! ugh! It's sad that it's about money!

I'll pray that you find a dentist who's great with kids, I think it probably makes a world of difference- I hated the dentist I saw as a kid- he gave me the creeps, ugh! But I think there are some good ones out there...

Have a great rest of your week!


heartmatters said...

But do not despair! Cavity filling is much more enjoyable these days! No foolin. My dcs don't have any yet, but I had my first filling (and only one so far) filled about 5 years ago. I didn't feel a thing! Honestly, it was almost fun, whileholding the remote control to the tv above my head it was pretty darn pain free.

Oh yes, and I answered you back on my post for continuity's sake :)


DebiG said...

Praying for Dash!!! You have a beautiful family AND name!!!

ladyhawk82158 said...

Oh my goodness! I just went outside after reading your post and you're right! It is CRAZY LOUD here at my house too!!!! Incredible. I stood out there in awe for several minutes.

Sounds like a great family visit! My family is back in FTW as well. Great pictures.

Welcome back. :-)

I will say a prayer for your dear's dentist visit.

sagerats said...

Be thankful that your name isn't Myrtle or Gertrude, or Bertha! Marsha is a beautiful name! (If we get new bodies in Heaven, do you think we may get new names? God was rather fond of renaming people in the past...)

Looking at all those children next to their Grandpa makes me want to give them squeezies! They are all so cute!

Abiding in the Vine!

chickadee said...

marsha, i completely know what you're going through. my oldest is the most sensitive too and she had three cavities recently filled. she made it just fine. my youngest daughter just hopped right up in the chair, no problem, she was excited about it.

get the happy gas and don't tell them about the shot. they will never know they had one.

i prayed for my daughter for weeks before the filling.

the pictures were lovely. emily is such a doll.

mamaduso said...

No - nada- no advice. My oldest is positively the most embarrassing child to take to the dentist. She is a pill. I actually refuse to take her anymore with the last stunt she pulled. I am sure we are labeled as the difficult family. At least my other two do well. Now daddy gets to take oldest ot the dentist. And she is nearly 9 and never had a cavity, only cleanings. Weird huh!


Mama3boys said...

Find a nice dentist and stick to them for grim death. It is so hard to find one who is gentle and fun yet firm and is good with children. I hate having to find a new one each time we move.

Our last one would let my then 3.5yo ds sit on my lap and she would do the whole procedure on his fingernail first, drill, glue, dry, etc. He would be tense at first but by the time his nail had been "filled" he was relaxed enough for her to look in his mouth and do the work. I was worried I would have to hug him tight and get the nurse to hold his head while the dentist did the work but she was great.

Another idea is to let the dentist do dad's teeth first.

My ds1 is sensitive too and I am so glad he hasn't had to have a lot of work. So far I tried the whole firm be tough idea and I regret it. Ds2 has had much happier experiences because it was all matter of fact and even a bit of fun (and mum was hugging him instead of being angry and telling him to sit still and open wide.).

Best wishes,

Jen in Oz

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

Love the pictures. They are so precious.

I am sure that Dash will do great at the dentist. Especially if you go to one for kids. They have a way of putting the kids at ease that is just unbelievable to witness. I pray that you find a dentist that will be that way with Dash.

BTW, Happy 1st day of Summer!


Amy Beth<><