Sunday, June 25, 2006

Silly kids and the things they cry about

It is almost midnight here.  Dash and Tank have been goofing around in bed-- laughing, talking, plotting-- for a couple of hours now.   They should really be sleeping.  They are very, very tired.


Tank just walked in with big, giant tears streaming down his face and the most pathetic frown you have ever seen.


Me:  What's wrong?  Why are you crying?


Tank:  Bwaah...sniffle...ahooooo....oooooo...sniffle... (and lots more crying)


Dash translates:  He's really sad because he doesn't get to go to junior camp.


Me:  Ummmm...YOU can't even go to junior camp for another year-- you're just not old enough yet.  It'll be three more years before Tank can go.  (turning to Tank)  Why are you crying about this now???


Tank:  Because he gets to go and I don't get to go.  And you know the only thing I don't like about camp?  It's that youuuuu won't be camping with me!  Waaaahhhh!!!


Poor guy must've taken some crazy pills before bed.  He was seriously distraught about a camp that he won't be attending for another three years.  I can still hear him whimpering quietly in his room.  Dash is trying to console him and tell him that it's just the rules and when he's old enough to go, he'll probably not want me there with him anyway. 


While I am flattered that he wants to be with me, it is a bit silly, don't you think?  All that crying and worrying about something so far in the future.  Especially when he doesn't have all the facts about camp...and doesn't quite understand the present, let alone the future!


He'll be fine in the morning.  Just needs some sleep and a little more time.  But I'll give him another hug and kiss before bed...maybe make him giggle (but not too much-- don't want to wake up the not-quite-a-baby-anymore!).


Sounds a little like me at times.  Needless fretting and worrying about silly stuff.  Crying to God when I don't even realize that I am not understanding the big picture.  And God is always patient and understanding and loving and encouraging...and wipes away my tears and calms my anxious heart. 


By the way, after hearing silence for a while I went into his room for the nightly check before I head to my own bed.  Tank was asleep and as I adjusted his blanket, he said (with eyes closed) Mommy, the only thing I don't like about camp is not having you with me.  I kissed his sweet head and told him that I will always be with him and take care of him.  He sleepily replied, Yes Ma'am and turned over and went back to sleep.  I just love that boy!




chickadee said...

that is so sweet. my sensitive girl, clementine, does that a lot too, worries about stuff way before it happens. like if we ever have another baby who will stay with them. emeline is always worrying about who she is going to marry! whew, girls are gonna be big trouble.

don't we just love them. :)

OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

but what a great illustration! And the Bible explicitly tells us not to worry.

And the previous comentator must have a DD like mine--worrying about who is going to marry who (amongst the kids at church) when she is seven!! I am SURE I never did that!

Have a great day, Marsha!


opheliag said...

Kids are so wonderful! How sweet!

dawilli said...

That is just the most precious story! What sweet boys you have!


DanielleW said...

How sweet. LOL about taking a crazy pill. Sometimes I do wonder how things get into their heads.

My DS said he is never getting married because then I wouldn't be his mother anymore. And he was quite worried about that. LOL

Canadagirl said...

It is sooooo nice when your boys love you enough and care about having you around and want no one else. Keep savoring the sweet moments and raising them up in love. Thank you for your sweet compliments on the necklace. I hope to put up more pic's of the boys beaded work.

In Him,


mamaclsn said...

That's one of those things they should tell you in the parenting matter how well you hide them, the kids WILL find the crazy pills!

Your son is a sweetie, and he sure does love his mommy :o)

mamatc said...

What a sweet boy it is that consoles his brother! It's a good sign! That, and the fact that your other boy just loves mommy so much! I need another tissue!


Traci :)

P.S.BTW, we keep our crazy pills in our room now. Really. hee hee hee...

eyecorn said...

That is the sweetest story...I have a tear in my eye!! I think making them sleepy gets them a bit DD does this. Just a wonderful moment you'll always remember.