Friday, June 23, 2006

Dentist is done!

I don't know about y'all, but I can't stand going to the dentist.  I really especially truly can't stand it when it's my child and not me.  But HOORAY!  Our first official icky "procedure" at the dentist is done.


I woke Dash up this morning to go get his cavities fixed.  The only thing he cried about before he left was that he didn't get to eat breakfast.  Poor guy.  He is sooo very skinny but eats all the time!  So this was very traumatic for him.  Anyhow, I dosed him up with the prescribed sedative and then he drove off with dh.


After an hour and a half, dh called and said it was done.  Wow, that was really fast!  Apparently, Dash slepted the entire way there and only woke up when they were working on the last tooth.  He woke up screaming because it was a deep cavity that required a crown...and A LOT more numbing!  I guess he settled down after a few more shots.   Good thing they had him tightly wrapped like a papoose too.


So he slepted on the way back home and is still passed out.  They said he'd probably sleep until 3pm, although that's doubtful since he is not a sleeper by nature.  Besides, we've got plans to swim and play with friends this afternoon so that little guy better wake up after lunch! ;-)


I am SO GLAD that *I* didn't have to take him this morning!  I'm sure I'd be reliving and playing back that memory over and over again in my head. 


Thanks again for your prayers.  And remember, brush brush brush!  Floss floss floss!  And absolutely, positively no sticky candy...better to give them chocolate than the sticky stuff.  I'm going to go toss out the fruit snacks now too.




It's noon and he just woke up-- hungry!  He barely stumbled up the stairs (we have a split level so our main living areas are upstairs)... The first thing he said was I don't know how a nap could make me sooo dizzy!  It's weird to look in my baby's mouth and see a shiny silver crown.  I guess the one side of his mouth is still pretty numb.  He keeps asking me How did they make my teeth bigger?  It feels like I have one tooth inside another tooth.  Eeek.  I remember the dental days of my youth...blech!


Gotta go laugh some more at my son.  He is doing everything very slowly-- walking, talking, moving, chewing... hehehee... That is so completely opposite of his usual self!  Maybe I should get the video camera out...


Titus2woman said...

*THANK YOU!* for all of your wonderful and encouraging comments!!!! You bless me so! I am IN LOVE with all of your pics too~such a beautiful family!

My 3yos has dental issues and one filling that's been replaced three times~OY! He's an old pro by now though~LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

CreativeHomeschooling said...

It sounds like all in all it went pretty well. My 5 y.o. ds was almost kicked out (as in the dentist flat out refusing to work on him) because he wouldn't hold still. I didn't want to come back so I was saying, give him the gas!! Well that worked like a charm once they put the "clown nose" on him, he was half asleep and voila, his teeth got worked on. I am not normally pro-drugging kids but sometimes you gotta do it. :)

Jennie von Eggers

Amberleoda said...

I'm so glad that Dash's appointment went well. He sounds like he was so drugged he won't remember a thing!

I hate taking my kiddos to the dentist too. My youngest one had to have 4 teeth removed when he was only 10 months old due to decay caused by meds he was on for asthma and rsv. Not fun at all!!! We also have to drive over 3 hours to go to a pediatric dentist that will accept our insurance. Just reading your post makes me cringe thinking about our next visit!

OreoSouza said...

I hate taking my children to the dentist, but they love it. Know why? Because sometimes they get "stars" (fillings) and they always get to dig thru the toy box and take something home.

OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

Glad Dash did well. Poor child. I didn't have any cavities until I was 20-something--probably the natural stuff in the water in Africa--and even then I have my doubts. Some dentists are pretty unscrupulous when you have dental insurance, and I never actually saw any cavities, nor had any problems.

As to planning the school year. I usually plan too much, and end up rearranging the schedule a few times--usually dropping something or moving it to a different time. It is really difficult this coming year, because DD is not independent, and DS needs time now too.

I still have about a month to go until my SL books are in my hands. I can hardly wait.



homeskoolmom said...

So glad your little man did so well today. Little bit has a cleft-palate so fcavities and dental work are inevitable. He takes it like a trooper. I guess he's gotten used to having people in his mouth for all of his little life.

God bless,


proudmommaof3 said...

I hate dentists. Our Five-year-old will probably have to go this year though. He lost his first tooth the other day. That was very exciting and another one is loose.


Oh man, I hate the dentist visit. As a nine year old, I got a tooth absess and had to get my tooth PULLED. A huge molar in the back, too. And then in 9th grade, they removed all four of my wisdom teeth - fortunately they drug me up so good I slept thru the whole operation. ;-)

DanielleW said...

That is a very werid thing to watch. I have seen medical dramas where the mother becomes hysterical about her child and what the doctors are doing to her baby. Now I understand that is tramatic to go through that but I never thought that I would be one of "THOSE" mothers. Now...not so sure.

I thought of you and Dash tonight as I reinstated the Mama-will-brush-your-teeth rule. LOL

Canadagirl said...

I have heard so many my family and even extened family are going and having so much dental work done. We didn't have a real good visit, )0: So we have 3 out of 4 getting work done. big frown )0: I will be sympathising with you.

In Him,


JenIG said...

awwwwwwwwwwww, what a brave little guy!

Tiany said...

Goodness you must be glad that is all over, how is the little guy doing today???

Your posts have prompted me to go ahead and make apts for my boys, we are praying for the best!

dawilli said...

I'm Norwegian, so I can legally say Uff-da! Poor thing... I really need to get my kids in, but I just don't want to, wa-a-a-, waa-a-a... kudos to you for getting him in so promptly!

Here's hoping he'll feel back to normal in no time,


heartmatters said... see that VIDEO!

(Now don't give him any balloons to inhale too, or he'll be ready for the circus!)