Thursday, April 3, 2008

Great Grandma's are like that

The boys and I stopped by to see David's grandmother on our way home from visiting my folks last week. She lives in a very small house in a very small town. But her heart is quite big.

She also makes the best angel food cake EVER, has a green thumb, is a sewing genious, plays t-ball with the boys, has a super fun tire swing in the backyard, has vintage toys that have survived generations of boys, and is SPUNKY. Oh yes she is!

Okay, I know the boys look orange here, but they are not sunburned! It's just a horrid picture with the background being SO BRIGHT and the boys being so dark. I tweaked and then I got tired and now they're orange. I've decided to give up now and just let y'all use your imaginations to make them look more normal. And while y'all are at it, just pretend that they act normal too, okay? ;-)

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