Monday, April 28, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

TWO ice cream cakes!!! Yupperino, I did get me some delicioso ice cream cakes for my birthday. A decadent chocolate one from my friend Suzanne and a yummo cookies and cream one from David and my boys. Mmmmm....

And if that weren't enough, I got to go on another date with the hubs tonight! We actually doubled with another couple that we're really good friends with. So the kids had fun with a babysitter and we got to go play unlimited bowling, lazertag, pool and arcade games. Yeeeeehaw!

I think we might even be inspired to do date night once a month. As in a date that does not include *gasp* Sam's Club! It's hard to believe. I know.

So do y'all do date nights? If so, where do you go and how often?

And in other news, HOTM is having another giveaway-- this time it's Preschool Activities in a Bag. They are also still accepting nominations for their BIG Mother's Day giveaway!

So don't delay, submit today! You may just win if you'd but play. These bad sad rhymes just should not stay... not in this post, there is no way! Please make it stop, it's really horrid. If you're still reading, you must be bore-d.

Okay, I'm really stopping now... it's hard, but I am... You can thank me later.

Or not.

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