Saturday, April 12, 2008

I hope his future wife will thank me some day

The other day, 3yo Dozer and 8yo Dash ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

I looked down at them and said, "I love my little squirt. I love my big squirt. And medium squirt (aka 6yo Tank) is still taking a nap."

Dash gives me another big hug and says "And you're a long and skinny squirt!"

And because I want him to elaborate and to make sure this would be a compliment instead of some sick form of potty humor, I ask him "What do you mean?"
He says, "Because you're long and skinny, mommy!"

Oh, I just love that boy! He has a great attention to detail. :-)

The next day, even though he woke up waaay too early, Dash brightened my day when he was doing his language arts worksheet.

He had to go around the house and find examples of the antonyms on the page. For example, "Ugly & Pretty." For ugly, he put his little brother Dozer. Okay, so that wasn't very nice. But for pretty, he put "Mommy". So I guess I'll let that first part slide this time.

Yup, I'm educatin' him real good like for his future wife. Not only can he dish out breakfast in the morning but he is really good about dishing out compliments as well!

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