Friday, July 31, 2009

My (not always funny) father

I was in the third grade when I finally "got" what my dad meant whenever we had this conversation:

Kids: Daddy, we're hungry!
Dad: Nice to meet you Hungry, I'm dad.

Yup, hilarious.


He said this quite often so it truly was a lightbulb moment for me when it clicked in my head! When I explained the revelation to my younger siblings, only one of them "got" it too. Oh well. They all figured it out eventually (I'm assuming).

(I must have no shame in posting this picture. For the record, I was younger than this in the aforementioned trip down memory lane. Also, those are my pj's... not real clothes. It's embarrassing either way though.)

To carry on the sad tradition (and because it's a fact that you always end up saying things your parents said), I'll do that to my boys sometimes.

Mommy, I'm hungry.

Glad to meet you hungry, I'm mommy.

They haven't gotten it... yet. They just kind of tilt their heads and laugh at me. Because I am apparently so very silly. But one day, they will laugh (or groan) because they'll realize that I am so very clever.

Or not.

Edited to Add: See my brother Stephen up there? That is the exact thing he'd do (along with a sister or two) in the very back seat when my parents would yell "Straighten up back there!!!" Except his whole body would be completely straight. What a dork! Good times y'all, good times...


Christine said...

Dad still does that to me. I'll call him and at the end of the conversation I'll ask him "Is mom around?" And he'll say "Well...she's not really round." Hardy har har.
You could have picked a more ghastly picture than that so I won't complain. Love you!!!

Sallie said...

Oh, my gosh!! My husband and I say that not only to our kids but to all the neighborhood and church kids, too!!

My dad's favorite by far though is when you call and say "Hey, what's up?" His answer is ALWAYS "Hay is for horses and the sky, I guess." You would have thought I would have learned to stop saying Hey by now :-)

Annemarie said...

I say this to my oldest all. the. time. And yes, he hates it. Almost as much as I dislike hearing how he is hungry all. the. time. Around here, when we hear him say he is full, we do the happy dance. But he gets me back every time I say "Just a second" by yelling "One-one thousand! There's your second!"

Jenn said...

Too funny!!! My hubby ALWAYS pulls this one on our 6 year old:

Hannah ~ Daddy, I'm thirsty.
Daddy ~ Hi thirsty (thursday), I'm Friday. Come over on Saturday and we'll have a sundae (sunday) together on Monday.

Corny. Oh so corny. But Hannah laughs every time!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Dad would say: Actually, your mom is more oblong.

Sallie: Hay is for horses, sometimes for cows, piggies would eat it but they don't know how. :)

Annemarie: Oh my. Haven't we all don't that? We are all so original. We should get an award!

Jenn: My boys would actually love for me to talk like that about Sundays and Sundaes. The problem would arise when they remember and beg for their sundae because "I said it and have to keep my word." Some things are too important to forget-- like ice cream!

Unknown said...

Lele always tells me about these stories. 'Straighten up back there' and 'cut it out'....especially in the car. I have to say Lele looks cute in that pic.

40winkzzz said...

i haven't yet figured out which one is you.

and in answer to your question about what i take in my coffee (i know, you'd already forgotten you asked)--
i kicked the sugar habit at least a decade ago and my motto when having coffee with friends is, "friends don't let friends put sugar in their coffee". kicked the cream habit a few months ago, but i still like to have it when i go out. at home, however, i drink it black. it's very freeing. when i was addicted to cream, i actually had (speaking of weird things we do that make our children cringe) a song i would sing when it ran out, and it was the *only* thing for which i would actually make a special trip to the grocery store.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Lele always looked cute in pictures-- she was one smiley, happy kid until she hit high school. Love how she's sporting the Rainbow Brite pj's.

BTW, I am the one on the far left for those enquiring minds that want to know.

Sugar and cream make the world a sweeter place. And coffee a treat instead of just fuel.

Andrea said...

So cute! I love these blasts from the past. I guess you have a really good scanner or something. I'm so glad you posted this picture. I LOVE it. I forwarded your link to several friends who have little kids. Passing around the parental teasing I suppose =)

Ruthanne said...

My dad would say the exact same thing to me, too! Drove me crazy ~ which is probably why he enjoyed saying it so much. :D

Leanne said...

I knew I wasn't dreaming or hallucinating! I knew you had a new blog! I'm Not crazy!!! I'll wait till you switch over totally and I'll leave lots of comments for you!

Karin Katherine said...

In our family when the kids would badger and say they were hungry and then ask what was for dinner, the reply was: "Air Pie and Breeze Cutlet"
My kids don't get it either.

rural momma said...

My daughter would say: I'm hungry.
Then I'd say: Nice to meet ya Hungry, where are you from.
Then she'd say: "I'm Hungry from Alaska."
We actually made up songs about it and even stories, she got it and boy it was funny. :o)

Mary @Raisng 4 Godly Men said...

Hi there long lost ( well not so lost) friend. You had stopped by my blogg just before we had a BIG scare with my 1d. If you want to know what I mean go here...

Philip is home and doing very well. He had a serious virus that attacked his platelets.

I almost forgot to say...your dad must have know my hubby. He says the same joke ! I love your sence of humor. [0= Ohhh I have to ask...what oo you do with persimmons ??? Are they ment to be eaten raw ? I have no clue. [0=

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<><

Anonymous said...

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