Friday, July 24, 2009

What boys dream about

It's a happy day when I get a rare glimpse into the mind of my mysterious Noah. Much of his life, he has been the quiet one of my boys, often keeping his thoughts and emotions inside. Every once in a while he would ask a profound question, but only after he had sufficiently pondered it.

Nowadays he can be quite the chatty-McChatster with his words and thoughts spilling out of his mouth, barely able to catch his breath for the excitement of having to tell you what's on his mind!

This morning, the silliness and funny that is Noah came out in the magical moments just after he woke up.

I had a weird long dream.

You and daddy were FAMOUS! Y'all had your own restaurant! And it had your own picture on it and the picture was made out of lightbulbs. I saw all of this when I flew over in a little airplane.

Daddy, you, Austin and I were on a boat in the sea.

There were a bunch of tires on the boat. We'd repair the tires but daddy kept getting seasick. Everytime he got seasick, the tires would break again.

Me: Why did you have tires on a boat? What did you need them for?

I don't know mommy-- I told you it was a weird dream!

Let's see... We even took baths. We'd jump into the sea but it would be just like bathtub water... nice, warm bathtub water! Then this storm suddenly came up and lightning struck right next to us. We had to take the boat and go hide in a cave.

And you know what? There were scorpions and bats and spiders on the ceiling of that cave!

It never did rain.

If your kids ever wake up remembering their dreams, write it down! There's something fun about saving odd and ends of a childhood like this... remembering the little moments, the little dreams (even especially if they're weird!)


Christine said...

That seriously cracked me up. I just pictured Noah with his high pitched voice rambling all of that a million miles a minute. Funny, I can hardly remember a "quiet" Noah. :) Give him a big kiss for me. I love you!!!!

Andrea said...

"I told you Mommy, it was a weird dream!" Yes, the tires on the boat cracked me up. Totally cute. I love all the extra stuff on your site. It's really fun to just look around. Thanks for the fun post.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Little Noah is not so little anymore! too cute!

Debbie said...

Ah, Noah I love that boy! That is such a weird dream...You just never know what you're going to get with him...I love you!

Karin Katherine said...

What a great story...and thanks for the reminder to write all these precious little moments down.

Ruthanne said...

That's a memorable dream!

Hmmm . . . wonder what it all means?!? ;D

My kids love to tell me about their dreams, too!

amy in peru said...

Oh my WORD! We have the sheets to that comforter! I'm serious! hilarious.
I LIKAH your new place! Very nice. I'm slightly jealous... :)

Tarapoto, Peru

SuperAngel said...

lol! that is hysterical! thats good tho that he remembered so much of that dream!
you are absolutely right tho that if we remember our dreams we should write them down. too many times I have dreamed only to then live them even tho I didn't realize it til after it happened. Talk about deja vue! I now have taken to writing my dreams out as often as I can remember them. That way if it happens that I end up living it, I can go back and read about it.
crazy and weird I know. :P

Love to you, Marshy!