Friday, July 10, 2009

My toothpick

David and the boys went to the dentist yesterday. According to the dentist (because doesn't everyone go to the dentist to get weighed and measured?) Austin has grown 4 inches this past year. And with the 4 inches, he's only gained 4 pounds!

Isn't there a line in a movie (was it So I married an axe murderer?) that says "his head is so big it looks like an orange on a toothpick!"? Anyhow, although cuter than an orange, he is quite a spindly toothpick of a boy!

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Andrea said...

That IS a curious point. What are they weighing and measuring at the dentist office for? That's funny. Tom is 53 years old and still gets weighed (and they even make him take his shoes off and measure his height?!) every time he goes to the doctor's office. He gets annoyed but plays along. He says, I went to the doctor for a flu shot and I get weighed and measured. How much could a 53-year-old man grown or shrunk in the past year?! Funny.