Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't call me Twinkle Toes

I have a confession to make.

I have never ever had a pedicure. Something about people touching my feet totally grosses me out. Ack! Blech! Yuck! ::shudder::

I just don't get it... if pictures of feet are ugly, then real feet are really ugly!

Actually, feet reality is more like this:

This observation does not apply if you are a baby. Cuteness in regards to feet is directly proportional to the size of the feet-- the tinier they are, the cuter they are. Proof of said theory:

Okay, now back to my own appendages.

I did have a manicure once when I was in college. While I was driving back to my dorm, it smudged. That was the last time I ever paid someone else to do something I am fully capable of doing myself.

Let me rephrase that... That was the last time I ever paid anyone to slap some polish on my nails.

Today, I had a plethora of choices when painting my tootsies.

Since I was in a hurry, Pronto Purple won out! (I'll let you know if it makes me any faster in the course of my day.)

Am I in the minority for never having had a pedicure? Are you a mani-pedi kind of girl? Or do you paint your own nails? Do you know how many times I had to read over that bolded sentence because I was not sure if it made sense? Do you have/do fancy artwork on them too (y'know, like flowers and mutli-colors and rhinestones)? What color are you wearing right now?

These are the deep, probing questions I ponder when breathing in the toxic fumes of artificial nail colorants. That and sometimes I wonder if the bottom line is that I am very cheap conscious of my finances.


SuperAngel said...

haha! how funny! I don't really like other people touching my feet either, but I enjoy giving pedicures. :) kinda weird!

I usually do my own nails and last summer before we went on vacation I did Mom's, Jocelyn's, Rachel's, Hannah's and mine toenails. They look really cool too. I did french tips with little jewely flower thingies. I thought they were the coolest. Haven't done my nails since then. LOL!
Thus saying I am not wearing anything right now... just all naturale. :)

Love these posts of yours! HUGS!

christy said...

the thought totally grosses me out, too. I have never had a pedicure. I have had acrylic nails for a wedding. they drove me crazy.
You are not alone :)

Christine said...

First off, I'm too poor for such frivolous spending. Second, I'm wearing some sort of peach color that's peeling off. I think I have super ugly feet and frankly too embarrassed to have someone mess with them. I don't mind people touching my feet though. I only don't mind touching feet of people close to me... i.e. close family, my hubby and my kids. I love the pic of the baby feet. They're really cute and sweet until they have to wear socks and shoes full time. That's when they can get a little clammy and stinky. LOL.

dixie goodrich said...

Wow Marsha you sure are a deeeeeeep thinker.Personally I cant stand to be touched {back rub, massage, neck rub ect. But I do get a pedi. every so often .not that I enjoy it but I do like the finished product I think I might have polished my nail 2 x in my whole life myself

Debbie said...

I am a BIG fan of manis, pedis, massages...this is where you and I differ :) I just used to not really indulge in them--unless there was a special occasion (like my wedding!) But, thankfully, Aubs appreciates pretty toes and I'm terrible at painting them (plus I get sandpaper feet!)'s worth a few bucks once a month. And if I had all the money in the world I would have my very own masseuse--I can't get enough of massages!

Debbie said...

PS--remind me to show you my wonky feet when you guys come up--Aubs thinks it's hilarious! I think it's like the equivalent of making a face with your toes...if that makes sense...

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Bobo, you cannot have more wonky feet than Lele!

And the mere thought of a massage... Oi! NO WAY. I am waaaay too ticklish for that kind of torture.

Dixie-- yay for commenting! I am so proud of you, girl! :)

Coco, your feet are NOT ugly.

Christy, (((hugs))) and thanks for making me feel normal!

Amanda, that IS weird. But only because I am the same way. Good for me, bad for you.

Melissa Stover said...

my sister does nails so she has given me a pedicure twice. you'd think i'd do it more but getting there and time, it just doesn't happen. plus i also pay her so it's not free.

right now my toes are covered in 3 week old polish (i did myself) and paint smears from painting over labor day. they are a big mess and i'm wearing flip flops to church tonight. DON't Look DowN!

Lainie said...

My hands are too busy to get and maintain a manicure but pedicures? Oh yeah!

I currently have bright orange (not neon) polish with white polka dots :D

Go get one... be brave... you'll love it--trust me.

Anonymous said...

Right now I have chipped purple on my toes- meaning it's time to do something with them again. :)
I have never had a pedicure or a manicure. I think if were rich, I would probably get them regularly. But right now, I just can't justify the expense. Maybe for my birthday it would be nice, but I usually end up with a blender or something useful like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like them, but I only do my own. I've known people to get "killer" infections & yeah, that just ain't for me!

PLUS I can't STAND people to touch my feet. I'm not ticklish, it HURTS! My feet are uber sensitive. :)

Beckypdj said...

I am soooooo glad you asked. I paint my own fingernails, but I do enjoy a pedicure. I don't go often, maybe 3 or 4 times during the summer months. I don't do them in the winter. I usually get the french pedicure, but right now my toes are (drum roll please) BLACK WITH WHITE POLKA DOTS!!!!!! This is very out of the box for me, but I thought, WHY NOT? It has been fun having it and it has lasted 3 WEEKS AND 4 DAYS SO FAR. Still looks really good. wish I could post a picture on here lol

Beatrice said...

I don't like spending money on things I can do myself either Marsha..One of them being my nails..Had them done one time and the lady sanded my nails down to where it made ridges in the nail itself..So I paint them myself, tips only, now.. Feet well, I have not so pretty feet, rather the kind I like to keep covered with socks or sandles with closed toes.Pedi's are not for me either..No-one is touching these

moreofhim said...

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha - You CRACK me up!! ROFL!! Okay - in answer to your deep, probing questions - No, I've never had a pedicure for the same reason as you haven't. Bleah!!!! I have had my nails done, but only when I was putting nail tips on (total waste for this artsy/crafty gal - they were ALWAYS in the way!). So, no, I've never actually had a manicure, either, for the same reason as you. Total waste of money, in my humble opinion.

I'm wearing a bright pink on my toenails right now and nothing on the hand nails because with all the dishes, crafting, painting, etc., that I do, it lasts about 3 hours before chipping. I love to paint my nails, but haven't done it for about 3 weeks.

Thanks for the very funny post. I needed it!

God bless you, dear friend!!


Stephanie said...

Absolutely love pedicures! Actually, Hai Ly was down this summer and I tried to get him to go with me so he could translate what the ladies were saying. I wanted to see if they're talking about my feet. They are rather hideous if I don't get them done regularly. He wouldn't have any of that.
I hate painting my own toenails and since I run a lot, especially now since the fall is near, and build up calluses all along the sides, I like someone else to do it, and they ALWAYS do a better job than I could.
It's great when they rub those hot stones all over your feet and legs. And a little bit of reflexology goes a LONG way.

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

I love having my feet massaged but am too cheep for mani/pedi's. I'd rather have a facial:) Not that I do that either!

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

To cheap! Goodness!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Ack! I didn't think of INFECTIONS! When I was 5, I squished my big toe and my toenail fell off. I would not want a repeat of that... or for my whole TOE to fall off!

Black with white polka dots. I kinda like the idea of that. But if it's bumpy polka dots, then no way. I must have a smooth surface and the dots must be perfectly symmetrical and of the same size. Because I really am THAT uptight!

Orange with white dots makes me crave an Orange Crush Float!

Stephanie, hot stones? FOR REAL? Maybe I am missing out. Wonder if letting my boys putting rocks from the yard on my legs would have the same effect?

Ali said...

I can make baby beanies yes! Any one in particular? There are TONS of cute patterns out there. For a girl? Boy?

Alison said...

I always end up scraping any polish off of any nails (fingers or toes) withing about 24 hrs... I feel like my fingernails can't breathe with that hardened toxic sealant, probably because they can't... it all just makes my skin crawl!
Some lotion, maybe a little exfoliating, sure, but no painting/lacquering, no thank you, no way...

Heidi said...

My daddy always called me "Twinkle Toes". :)

(Thanks for reminding me of my months old polish that is now only in a few spots here and there. Past time fer me ta perdy them thangs!)

Tracy said...

I have burgandy on my toes and I have acrylics (french tips) on my nails. I am a cosmetologist so have have gotten and given plenty of both.

I get my nails done every 3 weeks and do my own pedicure, every other month right before!

I think your mostly being a cheapskate. You have to pamper yourself ONCE in a WHILE! Especially in a house of BOYS! or at least take the money you would spend and go get the right stuff to do it for yourself properly. And some pretty polish!

I am about to do a how to post, on my blog for some people who have been asking what I have been teaching my daughter in her Charm Course. So stay tuned! :)

Maria said...

I just did my toes last night. And I clipped too. Now I find clipping gross. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

No massages and no pedicures here. And (totally off topic) I have been thinking the time to color my hair is close. I never have and I found another gray hair the other day. I thought I was set for life until my husband told me he would probably like me with no gray. After all we have an almost 3 year old who probably wants his momma and not a momma who looks like a grandma. HA!


Annemarie said...

Oh my...a kindred spirit! I think feet (therefore, pictures of feet) are the ugliest thing on the body. 'Cepting baby feet, of course. I have never had a pedi and never will. I am a socks all the time gal. I did at one time have pretty hands with fake nails and such, but 4 kids later, well, let's just say that the money is better spent now. That's a nice way of saying my hands look beat up and way used.:-)


Unknown said...

I love pedicures except for the ticklish part. I'm so darn ticklish!! Especially those little toes.
I'm all about bright pink. I love flowers, sequins, etc. Bring it!
If you don't like pedicures, you'd hate them in Thailand. They can use a razor thingy to scrape off the old funky dry skin! THAT's GROSS! But your feet feel like those baby's feet afterwards.

rural momma said...

I have had one pedicure in all my 42 years. My sister took me and our girls to get manicures and pedicures a couple of years ago. It was fun to have my feetsies all primed. ;o) It is not something that I would go out of my way to get though. :o)

beckypdj said...

They are bumpy dots and NOT symmetrical......whimsical instead. LOL No I do not make my feet presentable. I KNOW they have seen feet waaaaaaaaaay more gross than mine. I do make sure my legs are freshly shaved, no need in injuring those manicurists with my stubble. Okay, I think I've gone too far.

Amy said...

I use to worry about such things, but after going a few times I have gotten addicted! It has become my time for pampering about every seven weeks or so. Mani's.... not so much. I am too hard on my hands for those. :-)

Karin Katherine said...

I am such a mani/pedi girl it's not even funny. Actually I'm more a pedi kind of girl because I run out of time and cannot stand sitting there for the mani least with the pedi I can read a book or work on my to do list!
; 0 )

We are putting in a private pedicure spa into our master bathroom. You'll have to come over some time and we'll break you in with the pedicures!

Dawn Camp said...

I would never bother with a manicure – it wouldn't last until I got to the parking lot — but a couple of summers ago I started getting pedicures, summer months only. I call the ladies where I go "The Van Goghs of Toes" (although not to their faces). They are true artists. There's a book of designs they've done, so I just pick whatever I'm in the mood to try.

I only end up getting it done about three times per summer, since it really lasts. I used to only get the toe nails polished (and I'm all about the flowers and swirls, I can do solid myself), but once I decided to try a full pedicure it was so decadent I have to do it every time now.

It is one of my few indulgences. One of my best friends and I tend to go together and sit and gab while they're doing it. :-)

Susan {LilbearMe} said...

You crack me up, Marsha!! Ya know, I never had a mani or pedi until my thirties. It's kind of a family group activity now. Whenever my mom and sisters and I are together, we tend to find a salon - wherever we are - and get nails done. We usually do it for weddings or holiday get-togethers. Now we include my 13yo daughter, my adult nieces, and whoever might be visiting. Now, do I like them? Pedi's absolutely! The warm foot bath, the leg massage, a good movie on the tv's, a Starbucks in my hand, ahhh...if only they would give out pints of half-melted Ben & Jerry's, it would be perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I have never had a pedicure, though I did have a manicure once (received a gift certificate for my wedding shower). I don't paint my nails anymore, as I've always done a bad job. I can't even paint my toenails without smudging them! I've decided to go natural on the nails. Guess I am cheap too! :)

Christine said...

Even as cheap as I am, I will spring for a pedi every so often. (I've probably had 10 in my 40+ish years) But they are so delish! I also love massages, and facials too. (I've only ever had one facial in my life) Talk about relaxing... oh yeah! I enjoy a manicure too, but they don't last nearly as long. I would never consider acrylic nails--way to costly to get and to maintain, and from what I understand, they are terrible on your real nails. There's a spa about an hour from me that uses burt's bees and opi nail polishes, it's in a smaller town, so it's less expensive that the big city. I've also gone to beauty schools... not as nice as a spa, but still nice cause I don't have to do all the work.
Oh and the spa has an "expresso pedi" where they'll make a starbucks run for your choice while your sitting in the fabulous massage chair soaking your toesies...ahhhhh

Leanne said...

Marshy, I canNOT stand having my feet touched! I have had ONE. pedicure in my entire life when I was preggo with Sofia and it ended up making me MORE tense than when it started!!!

Now manicures, I love those! They are VERY expensive with my mom's nail gal, but she is sooo goood, but I always end up smudging my nails right out of the gate. Wah. I think having my hands massaged and my arms swathed in warm towels is divine. Maybe I will do this regularly once we get to be millionaires!

Your toesies look great. That's a good color on you.

Janie's feet were the cutest.


Christine said...

Now you've got me looking at their website wishing for some extra money for a massage and pedi lol!

Anonymous said...

I had one manicure and pedicure, 16 years ago, the day before my wedding. Have not had either since! I paint my own toe-nails, usually five minutes before we leave for church. Usually just going right over whatever remains are there from the Sunday or two before.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I absolutely love getting a manicure and pedicure done, but am toooooo cheap to have them done. I think my first for both was for my wedding and I did it a few times after that, but couldn't part w/the fee to keep up the work. I'd always done them for myself before and don't count that as a needed pleasure; like massages which I also loooooove!

I'm quite boring. No designs here and if I were paying for it because it would last longer, then I would probably go w/a color that would cross outfits (sweats, shorts, etc. :) ) and not be loudly offensive.

I have a princess and have been doing her nails using a non-toxic polish (the only way) and for me I'm wearing clear.

I sure would love to get my nails done!

Ruthanne said...

My old neighbor and great friend in Illinois took me for my first pedicure on my 30th birthday. I feel in love!

It's definitely a treat!

I've been about half a dozen times since then and honestly - it's not to get my nails painted because I do that myself all the time - it's for all the scrubbin' and rubbin' that makes me wants to take a nap. It's divine!

Ruthanne said...

I meant that I "fell in love"! Uh - ooops. ;D

40winkzzz said...

not only do i not get manicures or pedicures, i rarely even paint my nails at all. i just run around in sandals all summer with ugly naked toes showing. every once in a while i look at other women's sandaled feet with their pretty toes and realize that i really am not normal. i guess i'm just not a girly-girl at all-- altho' i do wear skirts every so often. heck, i'm lucky to remember to throw on a little make-up before i run out of the house. and let's not even talk about eyebrow hair... or leg hair...