Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our 2010-2011 Curriculum

I just love starting a new school year!

Why is it that thinking of the possibilities of a new curriculum and plan is so much fun, but actually completing the old one is such a drag? I guess I just love mixing things up when it comes to our curriculum, much like how I get great satisfaction from tweaking and rearranging the furniture.

For the record, here is what we did last year and the year before:

For practical purposes, Austin (11yo in 12 days) will be entering the 6th grade and Noah (9yo) will be entering the 4th grade.

A: Epsilon
N: Delta

Sonlight Core 5 (4 day schedule)


A: A1
N: Beginning



Institute for Excellence in Writing (through CC Essentials above)

Critical Thinking:

Guitar lessons, weekly

Boy Scouts
LEGO Robotics
Masters Club at Church

Not Back to School Blog Hop

To see what curriculum other homeschoolers are using this year, visit Heart of the Matter's Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop. Next Monday, the NBTS Blog Hop will be all about our school rooms!


Tracy said...

Looks like a great year coming!

GammySel said...

I am kind of grateful that this year I do not have to gather books, or consider what I am going to use for this and that. Since everything is in the ATI program.. It sure takes a lot of stress off me this year!!
Praise God for small things

NCMom said...

You'll have to let me know how you all like SL. My boys love it! Are you using SL's Bible?

I almost purchased Latin for Children as well, but for now I am going to use Prima Latina & then move on to a higher level of Latin. My youngest decided he wanted to study Latin after all... =)

Ruthanne said...

Have you ever used the Science Detective Software before? I'm interested to hear how you like it.

Carrie said...

It IS fun, getting ready for a new year! ;)

I didn't realize your guys were that big ... I'm going to have a 3rd and Ker this year. We will be doing IEW and LfC, too!

Blessings to you, Marsha, as you start a new year!

Gwen T said...

Do you have a lot of prep work with Math U See? I'm struggling with math curriculum for my 7th grader, but have to consider how much prep is required on my part... Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

May God bless you as you train up those sweet boys for Him!

Anonymous said...

Your line up looks fantastic. I love Sonlight's literature list. I use it for my gang's reading. Praying a wonderfully blessed year for you, sweet friend!

Cute pic too! Those boys are growing!

Connie Leon said...

So I am new mom and although Santiago is "only" 10 months I am already thinking about school!

How did you decide to homeschool?
Did you think it's a dificult process to initiate?
And where can I go for more info?


Sparklee said...

Ooh--now I'm curious about Science Detective! As if we need more curriculum stuff around here ;)

Have a great year of homeschooling!

Sam said...

It doesn't look like you are using a single thing I am using! Have a great year!!

Susan said...

It is weird to think about how little the kids were when we first met, way back 5 years ago when we first started blogging. I like your list...easy to read! LOL Maybe I should have done that too.

Heidi said...

I love your rearranging furniture analogy! So true!

Your post reminded me that I have some Critical Thinking software I had intended to work in my son's schedule. Now to figure out just where in the schedule to put it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Unknown said...

All I could think about while reading this post, Marsha, was how much your boys look like twins in that photo; Holy duplicates, Bat Man!

Ali said...

Is this your first year using Sonlight? I really like it. Most of the books are at our local library too, so all I use is the instructors guide.

Disney for Boys said...

Looks like your going to have a wonderful year. I too am more excited then the boys about starting this HS year and the curriculum we will be using, LOL

Luke Holzmann said...

"Why is it that thinking of the possibilities of a new curriculum and plan is so much fun, but actually completing the old one is such a drag?"

My guess: Because possibilities are always cooler/bigger/better--and less specific--than reality. This is the draw of "the new hotness" over the "old and busted" be it technology, curriculum or lovers. In life we have to deal with reality rather than focusing on just the stuff we like about our fantasies. ...which is one of the reasons I haven't purchased a new camera yet: I love the idea and in my head it would be so useful and cool and fun and... but, after I seriously considered how I'd actually put it to use, I couldn't justify it.

May this next year of homeschooling be a joy all the way to the end--even with the things and moments you'd rather not live through again [smile].


Gottjoy! said...

Love that picture of you three=)!

With my oldest in tenth grade, I now have to kick it up a notch. Looking at her schedule makes my head hurt.

We are doing Latin for Children for the first time with my 7th grader this year. I was working on my lesson plans and I haven't decided if I like it or not. My
10th grader is using Henle Latin this year.

Love IEW! We just 'eat all his curriculum up.' We are doing Continuation C, Ancient Writing and Bible-Based Writing.

Look forward to you sharing how your year goes...


amy in peru said...

hey! we do lots of the same things! yay!

love you.

I'm gonna try to do the not so back to school blog hoppity hop too...

one of these days.


amy in peru

Anonymous said...

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