Friday, June 24, 2011

50mm friday - yummy yogurtland!

Do you like my treat up there? It's coconut frozen yogurt with kiwi, strawberries, cheesecake pieces, sweet red beans and mochi (sweet rice cake). YUM!

The boys and I met up with Denise and her girls at Yogurtland today. What a joy it was to spend time talking with her and laughing at our kids getting along so famously. :-)

New friends are a tremendous blessing!

I'm participating in Hallie Westcott's 50mm Friday. Care to join us?


Jenna said...

Waaaaahhh! I want to go with you and Denise (and of course all of our kids!) to the frozen yogurt place! I feel like I already know both of you. It's OK. Keep posting. It serves to fuel the fire that motivates me to do whatever I can to get over there as soon as possible! :)

Sam said...

Red beans?? I was in love until the red beans! I have food rules, ya know!

Leanne said...

I never told you I LOOOOOOOVE your new 'do!!! It looks smashing on you.

In CA, we used to have those yogurt places in our city and we would go allll the time, after school. I do wish they had them close. Your treat looks divine and makes me nostalgic!

Population of our town: less than 2000, may even be less than 1500. No traffic light.

I actually have to confess that I have thought about lying about my weigth on my driver's license, which is due to be renewed on Monday, as I am having another birthday on that day, but eh, it's not that big of a deal, I guess.

I miss you. I love your pics of Guam. My heart felt tight and sad when I saw Christian in your hair post. I'm thinking of you today!! Mwah.

Hallie Westcott said...

Okay, that looks absolutely yummy! I love anything coconut! But the read beans threw me off. Are they like regular beans that are soaked to make them sweet? I'd try almost anything and I just bet this tastes really good, beans and all!

Brandi Wilson said...

New friends are a tremendous blessing! Right before I read this I received your email and thanked the Lord for you!