Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sweet shot: hotel flora

While we are itching to get out of this hotel room and into our own place, I do appreciate the small touches in the common areas... like candles at night and new flowers every morning.

I should make more of an effort to do this in my own home... y'know, just as soon as our stuff gets here and we get to move on up. :)

Hooking up with Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday. Week 59! She is so not a quitter.

Sweet Shot Day


Sara said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the hazy look to the photo, very pretty!

Life-n-Reflection said...

This gorgeous!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

So soft and beautiful!

Betty Manousos said...

what a lovely shot and texture!

i love it!!

happy wednesday!


via sweet shot tuesday.

Jo-Anna@APrettyLife said...

Oh wow! This is stunning! Love it!

simona said...

fantastic work, marsha! dreamy and beautiful.

Little Hatchlings said...

oh wow! I love how you processed it! Great job!

Lisa said...

This is beautiful! Great blog. Your photos are beautiful.

Light Trigger said...

the way you process the photo is so beauitufl!

via Sweet Shot Tuesday
Light Trigger:our entry

Lizzi said...

Simply gorgeous! I love the warm, muted tones.