Monday, June 20, 2011

blue monday

{not sad blue, but color blue}

The time difference between Guam and the States really messes with my mind sometimes. Being 17 hours ahead makes me feel like a time traveler.

If you are nice to me, maybe I'll tell you how your day is going to be! *snort*

We had a nice long family walk this afternoon, treading on low tide rocks normally hidden from view. We passed caves and crabs, gun placements and WW2 pillboxes...

I would have loved to have my camera with me.

But water + me walking + passing rain showers + Nikon D300s = disaster waiting to happen!

These after-the-walk shots were the only blue part of my day. :-)

I do wish I could have captured the blue sea stars... maybe next time I will remember to bring the Kodak.

Wouldn't it be fun to glide across the bay with these guys?

So, what do you have planned for today?

Not that I don't already know... *snort*


Lainie said...

Those pics are beautiful! And gliding across that water would be so cool!

Christine said...

Those are fantastic pictures for not having your Nikon with you. Love them...esp that last shot. Love you!

Karen said...

Too funny! Have you gotten over jet lag yet?

The photos are beautiful! But is there anything not beautiful in Guam?

Amico Dio said...

17 hours ahead?!! Wow. That would probably mess me up too. It sounds like you guys are having quite the adventure though. I would love to see Guam... one day. :)

The pictures are great. Beautiful place.

Melissa Stover said...

i plan to beat you at words. but you already know that.

Brenda said...

You are so powerful in the future!! Why didn't you warn me I was going to spend $50 at Walmart???

Unknown said...

You are exceptionally snarky Mrs. Drews. It had to have been a good walk. Brilliant photos, I can almost feel the gliding on water.

amy in peru said...

I think the most amazing thing about that first photo is that no one has a single plant on their balcony?! seriously?

amazing pictures my friend!


amy {normally in peru}

Gwen T said...

My oldest son would have probably spent the entire day investigating that bit of WW2 history - what neat opportunities you have there!!

Oh, and can you tell me what Saturday is going to be like? - the day is stuffed on my calendar and I could really use some advance warning if it's going to turn out or not :)

Brandi Wilson said...

Wow! You take beautiful pictures!!!