Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's ALIVE!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!!

Some of you may recall the fiasco where my cell phone drowned in the bathtub.  Contrary to popular belief, I was NOT in the bathtub and talking on the phone at the same time!  I was merely correcting my children during a dispute that occurred while they were bathing.


Okay, so here's what really happened.  They were fighting and I pointed at them with my phone and yelled "Quit fighting! I'm sick and tired of this!"  (You woulda thought that it was some kind of remote control that would magically turn off the fighting-- wouldn't that be the invention of the year?!)  But I digress...


Per mominpa's advice, I just left it alone with the battery out for a few weeks to let it dry out... Lo and behold, I switched service back to the phone today and IT WORKS!!! HOORAY!  And I never did get around to buying another phone-- just used dh's old, yucky, mumbly, terrible phone for a while.  God is SO GOOD!


On another note, here's a pic of Dozer loving on his little lamb. :-)


  And goofing around on the couch...


He's so cute, I just wanna eat him up!


And finally, in the car today Dash announced a change of career plans.  Initially, he wanted to be a pilot like daddy.  Then he informed me the other day that he wanted to be a tank driver in the Army.  I guess his brain (or his stomach) has been thinking a lot lately and he said:


"Mommy, when I grow up I want to work in a cinnamon roll factory."


"You do? Cinnamon rolls are really delicious. Maybe you should OWN a cinnamon roll factory instead."


"Oh yea! That's a great idea!"


Tank chimes in with "I want to make cinnamon rolls too!"


"We can work together! Mmmmm...mmmm..mmm...we LOVE cinnamon rolls!"


"Yeah, with 6 cups of frosting on it!"


Big smiles all around as they agree that this is the best idea EVER.  They can be partners in a cinnamon roll factory.  Who says homeschooling doesn't let your kids dream BIG?!


So if any of you love cinnamon rolls and have young daughters, my hungry little entrepreneurs will be of a marriageable age in another 20 years or so.


chickadee said...

how odd! we said almost the exact same thing today-they're alive- see my blog for more information!


ccmmum said...

Hey, we love cinnamon buns and I have daughters...........

But I think they are a bit older than your boys! :) (11 and 9)

opheliag said...

We love cinamon rolls. We are hoping to make some in bunny shapes for Easter. Have to see how it goes!

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I'm glad to hear that four-day weeks work for you. I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for telling me about your success with Five in a Row. I can't wait to start. The books look really fun.

gal51 said...

you just make me smile!!



mistresninos said...

Glad your cellphone's working. I've heard that it takes a lot to kill them. I know a fellow who let his go through the laundry and it's ok.

Jammie said...

save me a nibble too! Gorgeous eyes and smile that Dozer! And I made the strawberry shortcake (again) with 1 C. Whole Wheat Flour and some wheat germ and it's still delicious. Keep testing..yeah, more testing..


Youngwife said...

Look out Cinnabon!!! Sounds like they are men that know what they like!!! So glad the faithful cell phone is still with ya!! :-)

Leigh2 said...

Hee hee...I have a six-year-old cinnamon roll loving daughter that might be interested someday. Is she too old? LOL

iluvtheland said...

I really appreciate your comments each time you drop by. Especially this time, as it has been a very tough past week. And I had thought the previous 2 were bad! Little did I know what was around the bend. I'm glad some good news about the adoption and Josh's belated announcement about graduating cum laude, and his law school acceptances, came around this week, too.

The older man you know sounds just like my dad and his sisters. Dad works 4 hours a day, (he just retired from full time farming a few years ago), works on the trustees at church (and I mean WORKS), works in the food pantry, is visitation chm for shut-ins and elderly and is constantly on the run with that, and so many other things. He walks 4 miles a day, and lifts weights! I literally can't keep up with him when he takes me with him somewhere...I am huffing and puffing yards behind him. And HE'S the one that is supposed to have lung cancer and be dying??? I still won't believe it till I see it, I guess. This guy is so healthy and so young. Nearly everyone guesses he is in his mid-60's.

Did I ever tell you just how HUGGABLE your kids look? Everytime I read your blog I get nostalgic for the time my own were that age. Enjoy them!

Well, back to blubber-bloggering... :-)


mrssulli said...

Mine might be up for consideration at that time, but only if I get an endless supply of cinnamon rolls. They are a weakness of mine, escpecially since I can't make them from scratch... I think the factory is an excellent idea!

4SeasonsLearningAcademy said...

LOL---Janelle just loved this idea---well the one about Cinamon Rolls that for marriage--LOL that would be cute.....Yes, our mothers met online and set us up some 20 years ago. ROFL.


mcrgintx said...

the boy, the talk, and everything..just makes me smile!

I washed my phone in the washing machine, remember that?

It died. Never came back.


Amber said...

Too cute, absolutely adorable, sweet, loving and any other synonym you can think of:)

God Bless,



Dozer is SOOOO cute! I wanna pick him up and snuggle with him - he's THAT cute, Marshie. All your kids are. :-)


eyecorn said...

20 years, that's perferct...round about then DD will be 25 and DH and I will finally let her be around boys, well, I guess they're men then. She'll be the one ordering a cinnamon roll with a big pink hairbow, blue eyes and a southern drawl. She may even still be wearing her soccer shin guards. She got a pair last week and wears them ALL the time!!

That cell phone story is amazing...that's better than the time I stuck mine in the freezer. Hey, we could do a joint commercial, make millions...well, enough to put a down payment on the cinnamon roll factory!

homeskoolmom said...

Well, almost always. Yumm, my dd is 9, but I"m 9 years older than my wonderful hubby, so who knows-- and she loves cinamon rolls.


Christy said...

Oh Marsha, that about the boys future business it way too cute! Tell them they've got their first promised lifetime customer! LOL!

Your boys are the cutest things!

By the way, I have you listed on my blog under 'Five In A Row Friends', but I haven't seen you around there lately. Maybe I've just missed you since I'm not on there as much as I used to be. Are you still a rower?

dawilli said...

I think it's cute when my little ones change career goals, it's one way of seeing somewhere inside their head, at least a little clue as to the direction of their recent and current thinking. From a missionary to a police man, to a ship's captain... their world is so unlimited right now, they could be/do anything, that's so exciting to watch unfold...

and love those baby pics,


LikeARose14 said...

Your boys are all Soooo cute.

I also dropped my cell phone… back when I lived in barracks in Germany… in the toilet… a clean toilet (this is before I went!). I let it dry out…just see if it would work… and it did, but I still got me a new one.

My DHubby would probably throw a fit if I told him about your hungry little ones in 20 years even if they are entrepreneurs. He is going to be a tough Daddy (he works at the Sheriff’s Department also)… poor girls. I love the idea of your little entrepreneurs.

In Christ,