Sunday, April 9, 2006

Contests and a question

The entries for eyecorn's Housecleaning Photo contest are in!  Go cast your vote NOW!


And don't forget you only have until Monday (tomorrow) night for Gena-bena's (aka TOSPublisher) Show & Tell Contest.  There are some fabuloso prizes like a free TOS subscription for you and a friend, as well as being published! 


Chickadee also has a very pressing question for you nature-farmer-smartie-pants types.


Have a great Lord's day!





tn3jcarter said...

Jon & I were just stopping by to see if you had any new videos on your blog. He just loves those! I'll have to check it out and see if I can do those too. I think I'll go visit chickadee and see what's going on over there.



chickadee said...

surely you can find these things in texas too. come on, you've got to know someone who knows what it is. it's driving us crazy!

eyecorn said...

Wasn't that just the weirdest thing Chickadee found...thanks for posting this! A true HSB mystery :)