Tuesday, April 18, 2006

School's Out Forever

Growing numbers of parents are giving up on school and teaching their kids at home. Are they misguided, or have they found a better route to learning?


Read the entire article School's Out Forever from the April 6th issue of TIME Pacific Magazine.


DebiG said...

I will have to read that when I have a little bit of time! How are you doing, Marsha??

OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

I read it. Hard to tell whether he supports homeschooling, or not.

How goes things with you these days?



KerriHopkins said...

Thanks for the hurricane advice. I'll pass it along to my hubby. Part of our study will definitely include what to do if we need to evacuate since we're only 15 minutes from the ocean... we were forced to evacuate an island off Clearwater 2 years ago & we only got a very short notice. I want to be Prepared!

Thanks for your prayers for my dd, her name is Kayla. I'll let you know when she's home safely.

Much Love,