Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just sitting here...

Why is it that when there is more than usual to do, the more I want to just sit here and waste time on this computer?  I think I can actually answer this question (for once!).   Let's see...the kids are all asleep, I've got peaceful music on the radio, the couch is comfy, I've been without internet all day long, dh will be home from work in another 1.5 hours, and I really don't feel like folding more laundry and mopping the floor.


So here I sit visiting my friends.


And if you are procrastinating and sitting comfortably, head on over to read HomeschoolCPA's latest fabulous entry.  Carol discusses Money Myth #4: Homeschooling is Expensive...this is the fourth of five articles she writes about money myths that trip up homeschoolers.


SteveWalden talks about the new-fangled vitamins for kids.  I still remember when my brother ate a whole bottle of Pac-Man vitamins...totally freaked my mom out.  Funny how we do the dumbest things when we're kids and still somehow manage to survive to adulthood!


On a more serious note, please pray for Julie's mom.  She's in the hospital and they believe she has had a stroke.  Julie posted a beautiful pic of her former-homecoming-queen mom-- talk about a beautiful, classy looking lady!


Well, it's been a long day.  My sister Coco has still not had her baby.  Please pray for her as she is having contractions (although not consistent) and is quite uncomfortable (I'm sure y'all can relate!).  Dh has been at work and will be back later tonight.  Dozer had a fever yesterday and is a little better today, although we couldn't go to church since fever is a no-no in the nursery.  And Dash scored another goal in the last soccer game for this season (hooray!!!-- on both the goal and the last game...hehehee).  They also finally won their first game 8 to 6.  While it is non-competetive at this age, they always seem to keep score in their heads.  Not bad...especially when it was a bzillion degrees outside!


Okay, nothing else going on here.  Just kinda procrastinatingly bored.  Anything fun in your neck of the woods?



Marsha (who is planning on getting offline right after I submit this entry, unless Coco shows up on my Messenger friends list...or I decide to waste even more time surfing the net)


opheliag said...

Thank you for the tip about Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I am going to have to check that book out. I have heard and seen really good things about it. I'm daunted by the reading but excited as well. I tend to thrive on challenges once I get my shaky knees under me.

I'm thinking about your sister tonight. I'm having contractions as well but nothing happening. This is the rough part of pregnancy. I hope that all goes well with her giving birth.

chickadee said...

i think blogging is the thing you should be doing when you're all alone and the kids are asleep. who would waste time folding laundry?

CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl said...

I remember that time all too well. With both of mine it was like, um does this baby ever come out or can I just stay prego forever? yeeps. Not fun.


Leigh2 said...

I find that on the days that I have the most to do, I am much more drawn to the computer. I am a huge procrastinator. Got to work on that! :o)