Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Good stuff from today

Since I'm pretty stressed out right now with all of my current obligations/happenings/life in general, I thought I'd relax with my laptop and my fun HSB friends.  Here are some interesting things that my friends are doing:


  • Carol (aka HomeschoolCPA) has a great post about Money Myths That Trip Up Homeschoolers (Part 1 of 5)  I can't wait to see what numbers 2-5 are! 

  • Jennie von Eggers (aka CreativeHomeschooling) showed some true pioneer spirit with her sewing project that won grand prize in a parade.  She is so creative and it encourages us all to think outside the box!

  • Check out what is going on with the Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge that Amy (aka DandelionSeeds) is hosting.  It just started this week (and you can start ANY time!) and they are currently tackling the Front Yard.  I haven't joined the challenge yet but hope to in the next week or two when the craziness at my house slows down.

  • Check out eyecorn's latest contest!!!  You can win some awesome soap just for sending in a pic of you doing your fav chore-- all in honor of April 7th.  What?!  You don't know what April 7th is???  Why, it is NO HOUSEWORK DAY!  For real.  Seriously.  I think it should be a national holiday.

Okay, I'm feeling a lot more relaxed now...not quite as good as Calgon but not bad at all.


chickadee said...

hope things settle down at your house soon. i've got three sick ones so things aren't so great here either.

mistresninos said...

I'm sorry you're so stressed right now. I'll be praying that things will calm down a bit for you. I hate it when life gets so busy and stressful. That's why I am now a certified homebody. ;-) I have to agree with you on your destressing method. I love reading the blogs here. I usually go away feeling very encouraged and able to get on with whatever it was that I thought too hard just 30 (or 60, or 90, or, um...) minutes later.

Leigh2 said...

Hmmm....a national No Housework Day. If I didn't do housework for one day, we would have to leave the house, or else it would take me a week to catch up from not doing it for one day! LOL

Juldos said...

Wish you could come over for a cup of tea and some fellowship.

I'll be thinking of you today! I can remember when our children were little and things were really hopping. To help me, I would light a favorite candle, turn some praise music on and use a china cup for some tea. Those days have flown by and now our children need me on a different level. Every stage is precious and God meets us in every one.

Sending you hugs,

Julie D.

Amber said...

Hmmm.....what HONEST compliment can I give you today. Well, I linked over here from the comment you left on Michele's blog, so maybe the Lord just wanted me to remind you of what a SWEET, WONDERFUL, CREATIVE, ORGINIZED MOTHER you are......don't believe me, then take it up with the 4 men that LOVE you VERY MUCH in that there house of yours:)

God Bless,