Monday, April 24, 2006

Finally...a good day!

I have been having a very long string of very bad days.  It all came to a head on Saturday when dh was puking, the baby was fussing and very snotty, Tank was coughing and snotty, dh had to go to work very sick, I had work to do (toting along said fussy, snotty baby)...milk poured onto the carpet, bonking my head really hard, previously mentioned fussy baby playing in the poopy toilet with water ALL over the bathroom, and then to top it all off--- bleach spots on my brand-new, really cute pair of brown mid-length capri pants (the kind that roll up at the bottom)...and the bleach spots happened while cleaning up the aforementioned icky bathroom mess.


Whew!  I am SO glad that God gives us new days!  And lets us start over!


It had been a week long string of ultra-terrible days.  I had such a sorry poor me attitude...completely focusing on myself, my stress, my responsibilities, my poor aching head.  Instead of focusing on GOD, I was completely focusing on myself.  When am I going to stop being so selfish and prideful???  I was too busy to take the time to pray...not just the quick God help me! prayer, but to really PRAY


During this time, I was stuck in terrible traffic twice.  Both times, there were major accidents that just happened!  Ambulances were required at both and one of them involved two cars, a semi, and resulted in fatalities.  It really hit me that things could be MUCH worse!  What in the world do I have to complain about anyway?  So I had a few bad days.  So my kids were not their best because I was too busy putting out fires and being stressed out instead of turning it ALL over to the Lord.  Like an idiot, trying to shoulder my own burdens instead of doing things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Phillippians 4:13).


As I was completely stopped on the highway, I watched the life-flight helipcopter land in front of the car ahead of me.  I also saw a man holding his baby.  There was a car that was completely smashed in the right lane.  Then when I looked really close at the semi that was next to it in the far left lane, I saw a black car between that semi and the concrete barrier.


How in the world could a car fit in that spot?  And then someone walked up and tossed a crumpled carseat out.  I started to cry.  I'm not sure if the healthy baby that the man was holding belonged to that carseat or not.  Maybe it was another baby. 


I am so thankful that I was alone in my car and not involved in this accident.  I am so thankful that my children are healthy (even if they are snotty and fussy sometimes).  My bad days were simply that...bad days.  Not a lifetime of dealing with a special needs child, not battling a terrible disease, not dealing with the death of a parent or my husband.  Just a bad day.  And then my wonderful God gives me another one where I can start all over again!  I may not be guaranteed that next day or hour, but I am so thankful that I've already gotten much more than I deserve!  And I know that when I die, it will be temporary...a fleeting moment...and then I will be in the presence of Jesus!


Today, my non-talking Dozer said Good boy! as he obediently threw some trash in the trashcan.  Dh is also feeling much better today and was able to go to work without any problems.  Tonight, Dash scored a whopping THREE goals in soccer!  While we were driving home, my very sweet Tank looked at his big brother and said I'm really proud of you!  You did a really good job!  He is SO sweet, isn't he?  And to top it all off, I got a fabulous letter from my grandma today (thanks G-ma!).


It has been a good day today.  In fact, every day is a pretty good day, even when things don't go quite like I want them to.


OurLittleSchoolRoom said...

My heart aches for your tough days, and for those involved in the accidents. Some days it takes so little for us to complain, and whine, and take for granted all that we have.

Thanks for sharing your story. It is a wake-up call for us all. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you this week.



JavaMama said...

There is nothing like a little perspective huh? Glad to hear your family is doing better. I absolutely love to read your down to earth posts, they bring so much light to my day or night whichever it is when I read them.

Have a blessed day Marsha!


Tiany said...

I am sorry to hear things have been a bit rough, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You are so right, there really arnt any "Bad" days just more opportunities to grown and so much more to be thankful for. I would have broke down in front of that accidnet too. How sad!

Be blessed!

mistresninos said...

I am glad your day was better. Thanks so much for sharing.

God Bless.


chickadee said...

just a few weeks ago when everyone was sick and all the kids were whining for me and my husband's job hours were changing and throwing me for a loop, i was feeling pretty sorry for myself. but a family member and a friend were both getting tested for prostrate cancer and the same week another friend's house burned and, like you, i thought how can i ever say "poor me" when my things are so small compared to the bigger problems.

it feels big though when we're in it. take care. glad things are better for you and i'm so impressed with the little talker. think he could teach milo?

CreativeHomeschooling said...

What a beautiful illustration of how our bad days, really aren't so bad in the the big picture. Thank you for sharing that! :) Hope your family gets well soon.

Jennie von Eggers

Leigh2 said...

I'm so glad that you had a better day! Isn't it wonderful when God reminds us of how blessed we really are? :o)

amada said...

I am so thankful for your perspective! What a reminder! I'm sorry about your bad days, but aren't they what the Lord used to bring you to your knees?! I hope to hear more from you now that things are looking up! ;)


Cajamarca, Peru

PS. As if I can talk, I haven't posted for three days! - summed up with one word... "HOUSEGUESTS" - they were lovely, just time consuming!

Debismumto4 said...

Hi Marsha

I am very near to tears after reading your entry. My three older children are 100 miles away at my parents for the week and I'm having a difficult time letting go and trusting God with them. God bless you for this entry and for sharing how you are feeling. It's wonderful how we can all share and pray for each other whatever our circumstances and where ever we are in the world.

Hope you week continues to get better and better.

Love Deb

angelstar said...

Thank you for putting things in perspective for me! I tend to think about myself when things aren't "perfect", too, and the Lord has really been speaking to my heart about it. Your post really gladened my heart and I'm so glad that you were not in any of the wrecks! The Lord truly did protect you! Take care and I'll see you soon!! God Bless!

opheliag said...

I love it when my perspective gets changed like that. It always happens when I am really feeling sorry for myself - like today. I've been moping about this pregnancy doing the whole "why me" bit and then I read your blog. How can I complain? I have it so good! Thanks for the reminder.

eyecorn said...

Oh, you did have a rough few days, but as you pointed out...not really so bad when we see a fatal accident....a reminder of how quickly life can loved ones can be taken to Him. Loved the soccer sweet!!

ccpeterson said...

I'm sorry you had a rotten day, but your post was very inspiring! Thank you writing it. : ) And thank you so much for your faithful prayers for Heather. I know they are appreciated!!!

LaurieBluedorn said...

my girls have forbidden me to use the bleach now.