Thursday, April 20, 2006

Five Reasons Why I Love My Hubby

Gena-bena is having a new contest where you can win a whole box of See's candy... Isn't she good to have one while she's on vacation in California?


Anyhow, here are five of the bzillion reasons why I love my very dear husband:


1.  His monkey face.  He doesn't really look like a monkey.  But he can pull his ears out, puff up his cheeks, and open his eyes really wide and make the most hilarious (and cute) monkey face!  He first debuted this talent when we were dating and then it kind of fell by the wayside over our almost 10 yrs of marriage.  Now it is reserved only for special occasions like when I'm having a very, very bad day.  Grumpy, cranky old me being mean to him.  Does he retaliate and be mean back?  Nope.  He'll suddenly just look at me and make that silly face and all is well in the world.


2.  His notes.  He doesn't have the best handwriting in the world.  Actually, I'm the official form-filler-outer.  My dear hubby will occasionally leave little notes for me around the house.  A scrap of paper in my jewelry box, taped to the closet door, or on the bathroom mirror.  He's not romantic in a big, over-the-top kind of way...but it is the many, many little things (like these notes) that he shows his love and kindness to me every single day.


3.  He's a gentleman.  He always opens the car door for me.   And he always says thank you for the meal...even if it didn't turn out right.  I'll never forget the time I made jerk shrimp.  I put it in front of him and he started to eat it.  When I finally sat down and took the first bite, I totally gagged.  It was SO nasty!!!  Horrific-ly horrible.  Completely nast-ola!  I could not even swallow that first bite.  I told him he didn't have to eat it, but he didn't want to hurt my feelings.  He was able to choke down three more bites before it all went in the trash!  Yup, he's a trooper.  And I love him.


4.  He's blind when it matters.  My crazy man will look at me at the end of a long day (or at the beginning of one) and tell me I am beautiful.  Morning breath, Texas-summer-sweat kind of stinky, grouchy-cranky, or ratty old doesn't matter.  I can look so ultra-yuck and he still tells me I am beautiful.  If love is blind, he must love me A LOT because he can be so very, very blind sometimes!  And that is a very good thing.


5.  He realizes that shopping is therapeutic.  It's terrible.  All the females in my family are addicted to shopping.  It's a trait we inherited from our mother.  My very smart husband realized the value of this addiction early on.  This has been especially useful since having children.  Whenever I've had an extremely bad one of those days (which usually happens while he's at work for a few days in a row), he comes home and tells me to just leave.  Just go somewhere...have coffee with your friends, go shopping, go read a book...just go and stay out as long as you want!  It's terrible that this actually works, huh?  But I just need a few hours of alone time and then I am rejuventated and my happy self again.  I slink back home feeling a tad bit guilty of my previously bad mood and find the kids in bed, the house quiet, and dh waiting for me with a great big hug and kiss.


Yup, I LOVE that man o' mine!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... Your husband and mine would certainly hit it off. Except for the monkey face, they sound soooo much alike! Gary does the "eyebrow thing" though... he can raise one eyebrow then the other - they go up & down alternately. It's crazy!! Too bad the Gulf seperates us or we could have coffee on "one of those days" - my husband kicks me out of the house too!!! lol

Your Kindred Spirit,


JenIG said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is very sweet!


That is sweet!

It's so nice to hear wives speak positively about their husbands.

Be Blessed,



yup, you done good Marsha. These are great! Sorry no chocolate though. I bet that sweet hubby will get you some. heh heh


chickadee said...

the post was for the baby shower. did i do it wrong? i thought i was supposed to post something about babies then link to it. did you do one?

eyecorn said...

How sweet!! Ok, you know we are all dying to see that monkey face!

CreativeHomeschooling said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby! You are very blessed, I think you should win, but I think you've already won the grand dh prize!!

Jennie von Eggers

wardssward said...

What more could a woman ask for? Well, besides chocolate, of course. It looks like you found your Mr. Right. :-)


Anonymous said...

Marsha speaks the truth about that "manohers". I have been the lucky recipient of her coffees and being kicked out of the house. Give her the prize and she'll hopefully share the chocolate;-)

mamaclsn said...

Mine does that beautiful-sweaty-morning-breath thing too. I tell him God gave him special glasses look at me with... cuz he ain't seein' what the rest of us see! Praise God for that!

chickadee said...

that would be nice if milo and dozer could play together. maybe they could communicate with each other too!

i love that dozer said tank you! i wish milo would say that.i'm always saying please to him when he's grunting and handing me his empty cup. he's saying bubble a lot now which sounds a lot like bye bye but if you have gum in your mouth (not cinnimon of course) you know that he wants you to blow a bubble.

Amber said...

You 2 are blessed to have each other:) Now I see why I love reading posts about your DC, they refect so much of Mommy and Daddy!

God Bless,