Saturday, June 24, 2006

Urgent Adoption Need!

China has never allowed children with Down's Syndrome to be adopted before.  Why?  Because they think that nobody would want them.


They have finally offered up for adoption one precious baby boy named James.  If you have ever thought about adopting a special needs child or know of anyone else who has, please pass this link on to them.  He MUST be adopted by July 1st or he will be re-institutionalized...and no other children with Down's will be allowed to be adopted in the future.  If cost is an obstacle, funding has already been promised for this adoption!


Please pass the word and pray for this precious baby boy.


DebiG said...

Praying right now!!! He is so precious! I wish i could have him

LittleEblingsAcademy said...

I will be praying for Baby James.... He will be such a blessing to any family that can adopt him. I am sure that the Lord has a family picked out for him already.

In Him, Beckie

ladyhawk82158 said...

Praying here too.

creativehsmom said...

Oh Marsha,

I will be praying about this. I once saw a documentary about children in orphanages in China. The children in the film were mostly little girls (toddlers) they were tied into little chairs and sat there for hours on end and not attended to much. One child kept hitting the other over the head with something, I can't remember exactly what the object was but I remember being heartbroken as I watched.

I pray the Lord holds this door of adoption open and that no man can shut it. I pray this child would be placed in a loving home very quickly.

In Jesus precious name,



mamatc said...

When Lovebug and I were in China we worked with the children at an orphanage run by Christian missionaries (I have their link on my sidebar-New Day) and it was so sad to see that these precious lives were just left on roadsides and in garbages. There was a girl there who was abandoned just because she was a girl. That's all. I would go back to help in a heartbeat, but for now we pray for them. There was also a boy who was getting 'too old' to be there-5 years old-and they didn't have anyone to adopt him. He had been there for most of his life. Just before the 'final hour', a family took him in and adopted him. God is ALWAYS faithful!

Lord, be the God You say You are and show Your mercy, compassion and favor to this little boy James. Your child, Your creation. Move Heaven and Hell on his behalf and save him. Rescue him Father, and place him in the care and protection of a loving Godly family. May he come to know You and serve You all of his days on earth. In the precious name of Your Son Jesus we ask these things. AMEN!


Traci :)