Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Ec #2 and #3 and Man Bags

I've been doing a bit of sewing around here for my Online Home Ec class. My first project was fun (except for those horrid napkins!) but these two projects were even better.

Can you tell what this is?

I love the combination of this black and purple fabric with the dotted fabric. The purple shows up white in pictures but it really is a beautiful light shade of purple. If I were to make this bag again, I would make the top band of fabric much wider. It seems a little odd with its current proportions.

Ruthanne even has a limited edition camera slip cover in her Etsy shop made of the same material. Great minds think alike!

{Okay, so I'm really just a copycat... first we have the same bag, and now this material. See? It's me with my bag here after she got hers first here. Don't be scared, Ruthanne, just be flattered, okay?}

The word you are looking for is GIFT BAG! (Right???)

The reason why the bag looks so sad is because it is sitting on the most uncomfortable chair ever. Let's have a moment of silence for its sadness if only for a second...


Next up we have two bags that I made for my boys. Please notice the X-joints on the handles that give the bags extra strength and durability.

(Why do I feel like I'm trying to promote drugs with that statement?)

Noah picked out this Scooby-Doo fabric.

While Austin chose the vintage airplanes.

Note from Austin and Noah: These are NOT purses! Boys don't carry purses. That is why we are holding them close to the floor and mom is forbidden to take a photograph of them slung over our shoulder like a purse. Because they are NOT purses. That is all.

Since I feel compelled to end all of my posts with some sort of question, here is today's question:

Would your man ever carry a "man-bag"?

No way would David ever carry one of those, although he is a great husband to hold my purse for me on occasion. :) He also preferred more manly diaper bags when our boys were little... no teddy bears or fru-fru bags allowed! I know they have a lot more stylish options available now than they used to, but back in the day it was hard to find plain and simple bags. We would often search for messenger bags to use as diaper bags.

What say you?


Tracy said...

GREAT job! Love the planes.

Angie said...

Great job.. love the bags.. you are starting to look like a pro!

Yes Samuel carries a man bag. I made him a messenger bag last year for Christmas and that is what he carries every day to work. He carries his bible and all his important stuff in it. (don't ask me what is in it because I have no idea)

Can't wait to get to sew again. I had to pack everything...

Anonymous said...

Your projects look GREAT!!!
I also have some of that vintage airplane fabric. I made a high chair cover with it.
My hubby would not be caught carrying a "man bag". He would carry the diaper bag (no matter how frilly), but that's about it. He does have a backpack that he takes hunting though.
I have made my boys totes similar to yours. They use them as library bags.

Gwen T said...

John's possibly used the phrase "over my dead body" when it comes to man purses. :)

I agree with Angie - library bags would be the perfect function.

You did a great job - I'm really impressed!!! I especially love the fabric choices on the top bag!!

Deedee said...

Great Job Marsha! They look FAB! My hubby wouldn't carry a 'man bag' but if you steal a glimpse of him in the post on my blog about Butterfly's first morning of school you can see him carrying a very pink gym bag over his shoulder for his little girl! Hehehe! - Deedee

michelle said...

Those are wonderful!

My hubby wouldn't carry a man-bag, but my son does. I sewed him a drawstring backpack (with a 'space' theme.')

I didn't know there was a name for x-joints. I've been doing that for years...but I didn't know it was a real technique. (I could use a home-ec class myself!)

I can't wait to see all of your projects - You're doing great!

Melissa Stover said...

look at you go!! those bags look great.

Christine said...

Great job! I'm really diggin' the vintage airplane fabric. THAT'S my favorite. :) I love you!

Unknown said...

Those bags look great! I made bags for my boys once. Sad looking camo backpack bags from old bdu's so they'd have lots of pockets. But once again they were NOT purses.
Nick wouldn't carry a "man purse". And when we carried a diaper bag we got it from the hunting dept. It was realtree camo and durable!

Toyin O. said...

Great looking bags. I probably won't date a man that carry a man's bag. LOL.

Debbie said...

I love the airplane fabric! Nice job, Marshy :) I'm jealous--I really want to learn to sew! But methinks I need more than an online/video course...Anywho, back to your question: Aubs actually does carry a manpurse when we go to "the city." It's a nice manly messenger bag we found at GAP--much nicer than the camo backpack he used to take. It's so convenient because I don't have to cram everything we might need into my purse because he has his own :)

amy in peru said...

My man does wear a 'manly bag'... and it is the Man that makes the bag, I say! If a man is manly enough he could wear pink and still look manly... ;)

David is very manly... what's he worried about?! hahahahahah

Micah's non-purse, is a more of a sling-over-the-shoulder-flap-bag-type... very cool. very manly ;)

amy in peru

Sarah said...

I'd have to offer my husband something reeaallyy gooood for him to wear a man bag. :)

But he's a good guy and holds my purse for me when needed.

RaD said...

Ummmm... He probably would not. Maybe a backpack but that is all.

But your bags look good. What will your boys use them for?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Right now they are using them for library bags, but I used regular cotton so it's not exactly the strongest material (esp the Scooby Doo one). Looks a bit bent out of shape, next time I'll try canvas. But they haven't broken so they just might work!

Ruthanne said...

I'm totally flattered. ;D

All of your bags turned out great! I love the boys library bags or man bags or whatever . . . . I should do that for my boys. I just need to find some Star Wars material.

Susan said...

Oh I love me a good tote bag. I can't get enough of them. Adorable gift bag.

Stephanie said...

Nice bags! I wish I could sew, at least something.
My husband won't be caught dead holding my purse. He'll let me set it at his feet and "watch" it for me. I don't even argue anymore.

Beth said...

Man, no. No, I can honestly say Adam would never, ever carry a man bag. Now, a satchel, a messenger bag, a grocery sac turned lunch sac, yes. All those things are ok, but if it even resembled a purse, no. :)

Your bags are cute! Glad your boys like them, too.

Leanne said...

I love that vintage airplane fabric!!!

The "x joints" are very professional. I am truly impressed.

That purple/black fabric is really great.

Let it be known: The Musical Mailman does indeed carry a Man Bag. But let it also be known that it took me 15 YEARS to get him to ditch the plastic grocery bags he used to carry. So I got him a blue, fabric type cooler bag with multiple compartments. He vowed he would hate it....

Fast forward almost two years later: His bag is indispensable to him. He takes in every morning to work and everywhere else we go. But don't look in it!!! Cords! Pens! Paper! Lip Balm!! Disarray!!

And he's the coolest man I know!

Keep up the good sewing work!

Krista said...

ha! My husband is so jealous of women getting to carry huge bags, because they are so useful for carrying things! He is a fan of man-bags, but if I made it that would mess up the whole thing. Too cute.

He prefers messenger bags, computer bags with straps, or a backpack.

Whatever he's carrying at the moment, he refers to it as his "murse."