Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet Shot: Piper

My sister Bobo and her husband have a dog.

Hello, Piper!

You're waiting for a treat, aren't you?

It's hard to resist giving her a little something. Maybe that's why she's such a chubster.

She is spoiled rotten. The neighbors will give her treats, walk her, and even bathe her! (Why can't I have neighbors like that?!) I wouldn't be surprised if they also have a monogrammed doggie bed at their house just for her.

Do you have pets? Inside or outside? Do your neighbors love 'em or hate 'em?

I'm adding these Sweet Shots to Darcy's growing list.

Sweet Shot Day


Erika B said...

Oh, that is the sweetest little thing! We love dogs in our family and wish we had one of our own. Right now that's not possible but there are dogs to cuddle in our extended family. I love your portraits of Piper! They, and the dog, are stunning. Perfect light and color.

Erika B

Sam said...

Cats. Eh. I like the kids better! (Only inside!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh she's a doll!!

We have two dogs, one inside (a big old german shepherd/ boxer) and one outside (A beagle/basset). They both drive me insane.

Debbie said...

She is so spoiled! Jim even built her a doghouse and painted it white. Plus, she has her "cabin" for when she wants a little shelter overhead, but open to all the nature around her (grass). AND, they have a GIAN doggie bed that takes up their entire back stoop that is just for her to lay on where she can watch what's going on inside their house. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. I'm so fortunate to have them for neighbors! :)

Kristina said...

Great shot! I'm a sucker for a cute beagle! My little girl, Reggie, just passed away in June, but she lives on in my numerous photos of her. Thanks for the smile today!

Kristina said...

Great shot! I'm a sucker for a cute beagle! My little girl, Reggie, just passed away in June, but she lives on in my numerous photos of her. Thanks for the smile today!

Michelle said...

no pets (dogs) here. the girls want one really, really bad. if we ever get something, it will be small, very small. i'm just not an animal person, which is why i'm the neighbor that hates all the neighborhood pets.

Gwen T said...

We have a perfectly friendly, harmless, brainless cocker spaniel. The neighbors don't mind him, so maybe I should ask THEM if they'd give him a bath. How did your sister get so lucky?

Our dog is always nasty and smelly because he refuses to go in his nice little dog house - he stays outside even when he has 6 inches of snow on his back (no exaggeration). So he always has that lovely wet, musty dog smell. Which is why he permanently lives outside.

But he's very nice with the kids.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love the eyes in that second shot! So adorable.

We have a handful of animals. We have two (inside) dogs, both Border Collies, and occasionally host a foster Border Collie that will stay here for a bit. Hubby was not at all a dog person when we first got married, but he turns more into a dog lover every day.

Three (inside only) cats, two that we each brought into the marriage, and one that we adopted from the shelter as a 2 week old. Yep, had to bottlefeed her for a few weeks, but despite their reputation, our orphan is literally the most loving cat I've ever met.

Three rats, yep, you read that right! They aren't the kind of rats that you will find in a basement or barn (those actually creep me out :P), but domestic rats with pedigrees and everything. Believe it or not, they make very good pets. I used to work at a pet store, and one of the things that we always advised that surprised everyone was DON'T get a kid a pet hamster. They bite often, are nocturnal, and aren't at all social. Rats, otoh, very rarely bite, will adapt to your schedule, and are incredibly social. They literally act like tiny dogs, only they are much friendlier than most little dogs. And no, they don't stink if you keep the cage clean (mine are litterbox trained).

We also have a young Hermann's tortoise. People don't realize it, but turtles have a lot of personality. Koopa usually comes when called, eats out of our hands, and will sometimes make these adorable little noises at me when I let him hang out on the couch with me. Never knew tortoises made noises until him. He is also the only one of our animals that stays outside for any serious amount of time. Hubby built him a beautiful habitat that looks a lot like a raised bed garden with a hardware cloth secured top to keep him safe. Koopa does have to stay inside the house in his aquarium with a UV light during the winter, since he is a desert tortoise. He is much more cheerful outside.

Other pets we've had in the past are a horse (donated to a therapy barn for handicapped kids when her navicular got too bad for anyone but kids to ride), a house rabbit (fostered for the shelter, ran loose around the rabbit-proofed bedroom and kept all messiness to the litterbox under the bed), a couple of ducks (fostered until they were old enough to fly and could go to live at a family friend's barn & lake; they had to stay inside too, because we aren't zoned for "livestock" and have nosy neighbors), and various other rodents and reptiles.

How do our neighbors feel about our animals? Well, they've never said anything about it. We have a privacy fence, and they don't often encounter any of our critters except when we are loading everyone in the car for a trip. Our animals aren't loud, we don't put up with dogs barking at all ours of the day.

As you can tell we are very much animal people. =) I was raised around animals, and can't imagine life without a houseful of animals! Someday we hope to have some land so we can horses again, and get some chickens or ducks.

Rebecca said...

Oh man, my comment is novel sized! I do tend to ramble when the subject turns to animals, sorry about that.

Lydia said...

We don't have pets - at this point 4 kids are all the "pets" I can handle!! I know my son would love to have a dog though.. Someday!

Thank you for your comment on my (in)courage post today. I'm thrilled to meet you!

Katie said...

That is one cute dog! ...looks like he knows it, too! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Ohmyword! No wonder there are so many volunteers.
We have a Maltese and a Goldendoodle.
They are both perfect of course! Bwahahahah!

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I am going to Relevant, too, and I saw your smiling face on the Attendee page and decided to come say HI!
I love Piper's face, too! Too cute!
I couldn't resist Piper either if treats were wanted!
We have a fish and two ferrets, Sylvia and Claire.
The fish is cute and relaxing to watch, and our ferrets are playful, curious and tons of fun!
We love our girls, they are like family--kinda like a cat, but not temperamental ;)
Fun post!
Come say Hi if you have time!
Blessings to you as you make your home,

Jennifer said...

Oh, please! where are those neighbors?? I'm movin' in right next door! Really:) I try to be a good neighbor but totally do not see myself giving our neighbor's two (ornery!) mutts a bath!

Such a sweet shot of Piper:)

Rebecca said...

Simba would probably be happy with anything that makes him feel superior to everyone else. ;)

I actually had a bunch of hamsters growing up, still have a decent scar in the middle of my palm from one. After that one I started getting gerbils, and realized how much nicer they were than my hamsters. Not that I didn't adore my hamsters when I had 'em! :) I hope Marshmallow and Chocolate continue to be good pets for y'all. I love their names!

As for zebras, they are cool aren't they? Unfortunately, they don't tame very well, but some people do keep them as pets. It is kind of like keeping a lion or any other wild critter.

Thanks for the Blogger tip, I'll have to look up how to do that.