Tuesday, January 4, 2011

de-seriousing my head

I have written 3 or 4 blog posts since last Tuesday but haven't had the peace to publish them. Posts about grief, Christian, fears... heavy stuff like that.

When my mind gets all serious, overwhelmed and pondering (ponderous?), I tend to do one or two of three things:

1. have an inspirational moment where the words flow.
2. maintain blog silence.
3. play too many dumb games on Facebook.

I am choosing to break the silence and change direction with some mindless random banter to clear my head. I thank thee for listening.

In addition to the wastebook games, I also like to play Angry Birds on my phone. While lying in bed, tired but not wanting to GO to sleep. I just want to BE asleep and it be tomorrow already. I have completed all the levels and now it's time for a new game.

Do y'all have any mindless game recommendations to play on my Droid phone?

I would prefer something that is not like Tetris or Sudoku... I have this issue with getting addicted and looking at objects/buildings/skylines and seeing how I can flip them to make them fit correctly. And when I first learned to play Sudoku, I had issues as well. Every time I would see numbers, I would visually scan them and move them around from 0-9. This after playing for only an hour!

We are heading to Guam on the 10th-ish. You already thought we were there, didn't you? David flew a trip there and is now heading back to Houston. I'm glad he was able to scout out the place and give me the scoop.

Good News:

1. Korean restaurant across the street from the hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Small refrigerator in the room.
3. Coin operated laundry ON SITE. I had visions of having to lug our laundry on the bus to find a laundromat. It's $2 to wash and $2 to dry, but I'm told they are commercial size. I hope it's true! Either way, I'm incredibly happy to hear that it's only a few steps away from our room.

Bad News:

1. I thought there would be a full sized refrigerator and microwave in the "crew room" at the hotel. Nada on the fridge and the microwave is teeny tiny and ancient.

Pretty cool to only have one thing listed on the Bad News list! :)

Other News:

- Kindle arrives tomorrow. Very very very excited. Plan on buying books with my Swagbucks! 450 points gives you a $5 amazon gift card and most Kindle books are under $10.

- I received approximately 63 pieces of Ferrero Rocher for Christmas.

No proof of such a gift remains.

(Surely) I shared one or two.

- I searched my blog for a picture and information from when we visited Guam in 2004. It took me a while to realize that I didn't start blogging until 2005.

What?! I went somewhere major and had an adventure that I didn't publish online- not on my blog and not on Facebook? Mind boggling. Really.

- My niece Lucy turns ONE next week! Do y'all have any good gift ideas? She doesn't really need toys since we just had Christmas. Consideration must be made for the fact that my sister lives in an apartment in New York. Very super limited space.

Now it's your turn!
1. Mindless game recommendation to play on my Droid?
2. Do you have a Kindle? Like it, waste of money or can't imagine not having real paper books?
3. Ferrero Rocher. Did you get some for Christmas?
4. Where were you in the electronic data scope of things in 2004?
5. Gift ideas?

I love all of y'all. You know that right?


Christine said...

I love you! I'm contributing to ze lulu college fund for her birthday. Suggested by ze parents of lulu. :)

Susan said...

A sweet childrens book for lulu, a keepsake. No I don't know what book!

I don't have a kindle but if someone handed one to me I'd take it. Not sure I'd spend money on one right now as I am not in a reading stage of life right now. My computer and camera soak up all extra time (an not so extra)

I wonder if similar games are available for droid and iphone? I have an iphone. I play a scrabble (blast) game that is similar to word drop on fb and whirly word, where you have to make words out of a combination of letters. Words with friends...I think is only between iphone users...but is basically scrabble. Mahjong...but the tiles are too tiny for my eyes, bejeweled and four free which is a four in a row game.

I did not get any Ferrero Rocher for Christmas...I love those.

I can't even remember 2004...reading homeschool stuff online, not quite into blogs yet, a friend had just started this weird habit.

Melissa Stover said...

my kids got some of those and they only shared two with me. brats.

Beckypdj said...

I was reading over my past blog posts and your comments. I was missing you.

Guam is going to be an exciting adventure.

I did get a Kindle on Monday. I've only downloaded the Amplified Bible to it so far. I think I am going to like though.

I hope you feel peace soon about publishing those posts.

Hugs to you and your family :)

Becky said...

I wanted mints for Christmas. Like those over sized junior mints or andes mints. I didn't get any. So I bought myself a box of Andes mint cookies on clearance at Meijer. I had one. My brother/sister-in-law ate every last one. I was sad. I'm trying to move on ....
For Lucy, I know you said no toys, but did she get a My Pal Lily for Christmas? Haden is getting My Pal Scout. They are just so awesomely fun and cute. Or maybe you could make her a little dress. You know, you do have 5 days left before you leave the country. =)
Can you buy a microwave? Is there a WalMart in Guam? Maybe you could get an el cheapo microwave to keep in your room.

Kellye said...

Marsha, I love reading your posts...you always make me laugh and I can't wait to hear all about your adventure in Guam!!! As far as the games Im hooked on the two most mindless and time wasting games out there...PapiJump and Diner Dash...please feel free to add those to your stash, and please don't judge me!!!

As far as gifts, what about books or some spring clothes or even a swimsuit??? Im sure the Christmas decor in all the stores have been replaced with beach stuff by now, it is January 5th!! LOL!!! Ooooh, or even bath stuff....little ones love that!!!

Talk to you later!!!


livinginbetween said...

Oh no. I have no Droid, no kindle, no Rocher, and no online stuff in 2004. And a gift idea . . . hmmm. Well, books are NEVER out of style and don't take up much space. We like Sandra Boynton aLOT. And at that age, my girl love (and still loves), her nesting blocks.

Be blessed and be a blessing in Guam!

Unknown said...

1. Your sis has a brilliant idea! THe angel is one - she doesn't NEED anything but your time and your small investment in her college fund.
2. I got an evo from sprint. smart phone is not so smart when you take it to po-dunk Iowa. No smart games can be had. Even the solitaire is not fun. Take pictures w/ your beautiful camera - your pictures are magnificent and you have such a wonderful eye for framing the subject. Don't stare at the phone screen.
3. I got a chocolate orange and ate it in seconds. What was that fruit of the spirit I wanted to attain?
4. In 2004, I was still changing 2 diapers at the same time and reeling from my inability to write either of my graduate program theses. I took violin lessons to ease the pain.
5. The daddy here has a nook. He loves it. He's probably reading it in rainy Houston right now while there at the airport Marriott trying to soak up info on a shrinking merged workforce. His bosses job was taken over by a co-worker, but she likes him and he may still have a job after the livery on the planes is finally changes.

Sorry these are incorrectly numbered. I'm supposed to be doing school right now.

ali said...

ahhh..mindless android games. I have been playing Angry Birds too. I am at the point where I am going back and getting 3 stars on all the levels. It's HARD! Another mindless game that I sometimes play is Furdiburb. My oldest likes that one too.

Back in 2004, we didn't even own a computer. Isn't that crazy? We were new to email and internet. In 2005 we got our first computer and I started blogging.

Leanne said...

Guam! Looking forward to lots of exotic pictures on your blog!

Having had quite a few one year olds in my time, they always like something that makes noise and has buttons to push. There are quite a few toddler sized, very small kitchens out there, I was looking the other day. (I know, that's a run-on sentence). Small ones that would take up hardly any space. Go to Step2 dot com. American made stuff too!!!

I hate online games. Only because I usually hate the computer for anything but blogging and email, and I'm so horrible and brain-dead at any type of game, be it a card game or a board game or an online game.

My mom has a Kindle. She loves it. I'm just not into online books or eBooks either. It's because I'm old fashioned and I love first edition hardback books and I think a room without books is a dead room. Lots of people love their kindles, though.

I know you aren't going to be able to help being a blessing in Guam, because you've blessed so many people in your life, me included. Just stay up on your blogging so the hordes of people who love you won't miss you!!!

I'm thinking about you alllll the time and praying for you too.....this comment is waaaay too long now, goodbye! MWAH!

Gwen T said...

1. Answering this question would imply that I know something about the Droid. Which I don't. Data was an android on ST:TNG, does that count? :)

2. We do have some missionary friends going to Africa that are thrilled with the Kindle because they're book lovers and it just isn't possible to bring them all. If I was in that situation (and since we're with Wycliffe it is a possibility) I'd consider the Kindle. Otherwise, no. I'm a huge bookworm and I like the smell and feel of paper.

3. No Ferrero Rocher, but I have eaten too much of my dad's homemade fudge. Secret family recipe. Perfect.

4. Electronics in 2004, um, let's see. Little black box with buttons on it? That was my knowledge at that point, and I'm not sure I've improved!

5. Gift ideas for a one year old. Let's see, my little 1 year old girl loves trash, cardboard boxes, expensive, fragile electronic equipment and her brothers' Legos. Does that help? :)

Connie Leon said...

1) Don't have a droid..or access to any games on my phone... :D
2) No Kindle... :/ I wish!
3) No chocolates...man I am very lame here..lol. :D
4) In 2004...I didn't even know what Facebook (When did Facebook start?) LOL... or Blogging was and only got a MySpace cause my BFF insisted but not until 2006 I think..then it was all down hill from there... :D
5) I recently started making things..lol...sooo what about a Home-made Tu-tu or Crocheted hat..or a nice little stretchy bracelet...although that may not be a good idea..lol...

RaD said...

#1 - No clue, I don't have a cell phone :(

#2 - Thought about it but that's as far as I have gotten to owning one. Let us know how you like it and then maybe I'll have a better answer, though I think I like the feel of a book in my hands.

#3 - Nope, I got Dove Caramel Chocolates and I might have shared one or too as well. Maybe.

#4 - Barely able to afford the internet.

#5 - Hmmmm... It's been a while since I bought a gift for a little one. ???

A lot of fat help I was, Huh?

Jac said...

Can't wait to hear all about your travels! :)
My Mom bought my oldest daughter a few favourite books from my childhood for her first birthday. It was a special gift for both of us, and she can still quote most of those books to this day! (ie. Love You Forever)

Shannon said...

Now it's your turn!
1. Mindless game recommendation to play on my Droid? Dont have one, have a blackberry and i dont play the game on it because it was Roy's fav and he had the high score.
2. Do you have a Kindle? Like it, waste of money or can't imagine not having real paper books? I have the kindle and do love it, but I also love real paperbacks so I am still on the fence. But great for travel !
3. Ferrero Rocher. Did you get some for Christmas? No ! you forgot to share with me ! LOL
4. Where were you in the electronic data scope of things in 2004? Don't really remember, old age. LOL
5. Gift ideas?
Girl....oh alot of stuff comes to mind, dolls, beautiful clothes, etc,... ok I am no help on this one.

LilTanGurl said...

First things first... I love you! =)

1. Mindless game recommendation to play on my Droid?
I don't have a Droid, but I love to play Tap Tap on my iPod Touch or Solitaire! I can win a game of solitaire in 29seconds... its sad. And when I hear a song that I've played in Tap Tap, I can see the board and I want to hit the taps in my head.

2. Do you have a Kindle? Like it, waste of money or can't imagine not having real paper books?
I don't... I don't read much anymore tho I'd like to...

3. Ferrero Rocher. Did you get some for Christmas?
NO! But I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

4. Where were you in the electronic data scope of things in 2004?
Just emailing and playing with our webcam... taking silly photos and making retarded videos! =P

5. Gift ideas?
a baby doll, a bank, a scrapbook, one of your favorite childhood books... those are all things I got as a baby and still have!

Faith - faithfulmommy.com said...

Money for her piggy!
No Kindle- I love to hold a book in my hands!
I gave some of the yummy yums- I didn't get any though. Makes me kinda sad now that I think about it!

Guam will be great!

Denise, Guam said...

Ferrero Rocher - I did get some; a nice surprise gift - they didn't last long!

KarenW said...

1. Sorry. I don't play games on my phone. Complete lack of coordination on video games in general. I can't imagine my lack of ability on a phone.

2. Not really interested in a Kindle. I like real books. But then again, I've never tried.

3. No :(

4. My older brother had a blog in 2004. I thought publishing a diary online was weird.

5. I was going to say a book but I love the college fund idea!

Karen said...

I too have been serious lately--posted a grieving post,(http://mansememories.wordpress.com/) and also stayed away from posting--ie. only one post this week.

As to games--I don't have a phone that I play games on, but I play bejeweled on the computer.

I don't have a Kindle. And in 2004, I didn't even have a computer, and I shared my husband's email address--let alone a blog!

Unknown said...

So thankful that there is only 1 negative : ) on the list. PHEW!

I don't have a kindle but I do want one.

I play tetris every night before bed. Sometimes I dream about it. Odd. How about bejeweled. Have you played that. I keep hearing about angry birds. I should look into that, right?

1 year old birthday gift? Can you start a savings account for her for college?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Praying for safe travels! Oh and I got a kindle for Christmas too!!!!! I'm so excited. During our break from homeschooling I read like 5 books in about a week. Then we started back to school and I'm going into withdrawls not being able to read like I was.

I'm using my swag bucks for books too! ;)

With kindle's new lending feature we can now borrow books so if you want to be book buddies, let me know!

God Bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

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Karin Katherine said...

I just downloaded Angry Birds because of you...we may have to discuss later if it becomes a nighttime addiction.

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Dana said...

Don't like the Kindle because it's proprietary. I like the nook because I can download all the free books online with no hassle and read them or assign them to my daughter. LOVE the Gutenberg Project!

And I know about mindless posts. Haven't played too many games, but I do find myself "pacing" online, checking the same sites, not wanting to do anything but not wanting to be left alone with my thoughts.

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