Sunday, October 30, 2005

Need Vacation Ideas ASAP!

We were originally planning on visiting Walt Disney World in Florida the beginning of November (sans baby-- who will be staying with grandma and grandpa).  However, we fly standby and the flights have completely filled up.  No Disney World for us.


So we are now vacation-destination-less!


Any suggestions?  It will be myself, dh, and my two big boys (6yo and 4yo).  We are looking for something that's kid-fun-friendly-fantastic, or at least just fun!  We are willing to fly and then rent a car or just drive from our home here in humid Houston, TX.


Please help!  My boys and I are counting on y'all!!!




Col323 said...

Talimena State Park in Talihina, OK.

"54 miles of winding road through the Ouachita Mountains...known for spectacular folliage in the..fall." "Pet friendly, 22 campsites, hiking trails,playground, full facility amenities (showers)....Has RV and ATV hook ups."


Sea World in San Antonio??

That's all I can think of right now. Hope you guys find a new vacation destination!


Betsyfriend said...

My husband, two boys, and I lived in Orlando for the past three years. We loved living five miles west of WDW, and considered ourselves year-round tourists. I miss it soooo much. However, someplace I have always wanted to visit is Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. (

I hear it's awesome. There's also Dollywood in Tennessee (

I'm full of ideas:

Niagara Falls

Mount Rushmore

The Mall of America in Minnesota (with Camp Snoopy on the ground floor)

Grand Canyon

Sedona, AZ

and there's plenty more where that came from! I love to travel (some of these places I've been to, some I haven't). Good luck on your search! Wherever you go, I pray you have a great time together as a family.

Momma2theMax said...

come see ME waaaaay up here in Illinois...we have TONS to do...and stuff...and junk...and more'd have to get a hotel room cause I only have 2 bedrooms which are full but between me and Julie we could keep you when you're done in illinois in November you'll be SOOOO happy to go back down where it's warm.....cause it's really cold here...well not really cold but definitely not warm...and i can teach you to make bread :) and we can duct tape our kids together ...and can go up in the sears tower while i wait for you at the bottom cause i don't like heights....and we can visit the dells...and um....yeah that's all i can think of right yeah.... :)