Monday, October 3, 2005

My mean mommy voice

My mean mommy voice just doesn't work anymore.  That is, if it ever even worked in the first place.  Raising my voice or calling out their full names makes them pause, but does not truly get their attention.


So I've resorted to whispering.  Yup, they can't hear me when I'm shouting (or at least pretend not to) but when I whisper they freeze!  Their eyes get wide and their jaws drop slightly, wondering what I'm upset about and what possible consequences will befall them.  It is an amazing spectacle, full of wonderment...rowdy boys stopped in their tracks, straining to hear their mommy speak!


Surely I'm not the only one around here who does something like this?  What about y'all?


Jaybird said...

I YELLED MORE TODAY THAN I SHOULD HAVE!! Also, I saw your comment over at my place about testing and you better hope we aren't testing soon 'cuz you misspelled your own name! LOL!!

RainyDayMichele said...

Oh these wonderful, rowdy little boys....what ever would we do without them??! So glad this technique is accomplishing your goals, Marsha. :) I have had good results when I have used it on occasion, too!

berrymorin said...

As a mother of a 13 year old son I'm not sure I would get the same looks. This tip would have come in handy when our "Liitle One" was younger.

WingsAsEagles said...

So glad I'm not the only one!

One day - a year or two ago, I felt like I was yelling all the time. Then I realized that it was because I had slowly allowed the girls to get away with this and that and it had snowballed. I had it, and that afternoon screamed so loudly I hurt my throat and vocal cords. (Good thing I know ASL!) Anyway, started speaking in lower than conversational tones and life is so lovely now!

Hmm . . . calm and lovely . . . who would have thought!

Blessings to you,

Mrs. L

JenIG said...

ha! i love this. i think it was Woodrow Wilson said, "speak quietly and carry a big stick". brilliant.

hee hee

love jen