Monday, October 17, 2005

Being a Creative Counterpart

Per Amy Beth's recommendation, I have begun reading Creative Counterpart by Linda Dillow.  So far it is a very easy read that I am really enjoying!  While I hate seeing my shortcomings written down by somebody else, I do like reading about ways to improve my marriage and bless my family.  This book has been an encouragement so far and, although my reading is late at night, I haven't dozed off once! 


I am only through the first quarter of the book and am sorry to say that I can't believe how I can screw up something so simple as priorities!  Take a look at this list of priorities for my life:


1. God

2. Husband

3. Children

4. Everything else


Even with everything after children being lumped into a single number 4, how is it that Everything Else seems to climb up the ladder of priorities and-- gasp!-- has even been known to perch itself on top...yup, the VERY top!


I have written this short list down and taped it to my bathroom mirror for a daily reminder of how I should view my day.  It has been a tremendous help in trimming down the time-robbers in my day.  It has also helped me see that my day is meaningful even if it's spent lounging with my dh on his day off (because he WANTS me to!) or playing games with the kids. 


It's okay to say NO to the Mission Conference, Homeschool Thanksgiving Banquet and the Christmas play at church.  Yes, these are things I enjoy and could do right now, but it would be at a very high sanity and stress level would go out the window and my dh and children would suffer much more than they would ever be blessed.  My ministry right now, especially with such young children, is to my family...this is my current season.  And I am HAPPY in it!!!


I will pray and praise God in all things...even things like  .


Beth said...

PREACH it GIRL! :-D I SO know what you mean... thanks for the reminder. blessings!

angelstar said...

I'm reading "Creative Counterpart" too! I had a really hard time finding it and finally found it at a used book store. Anyway, I really needed to be reminded about my priorities, too, and that's why I started reading it. You're so right about those things that are farther down the list being able to climb really well! LOL Our children grow up so fast and we need to enjoy them while we can. Those other things will be there for us later. I really needed to be reminded of this and reminded of this and reminded. . . . Sounds like you're doing really well and I'm so glad! God Bless!

NewHarvest said...

AMEN, Marsha! Good for you. How wise you are to recognize this important truth while your marriage and your children are still young. There will be time for other pursuits in the future - believe me it goes by all too fast!

Blessings to you!


smmars said...

I could have written your post. (Especially the part about dh wanting me to lounge around on the weekend.) It is so tempting to keep being busy with the housework and the kids. But, I NEED to serve my sweetie first, right?

Anyway, I have been looking for another marriage book to read. Thanks for the recommendation!!!


berrymorin said...

Even though my son is 13 years old, the only time I have to read is at night. For me, it's a great way to get to sleep. It does take a little longer to get through a book but that's okay.

Have you tried the audio books yet? I've listen to a few. It's a great way to have a more enjoyable commute.

RainyDayMichele said...

Looks like you have found a great read, Marsha. I know exactly what you mean about keeping priorities intact as life brings so many distractions. It's also easy to put our kiddos before our husbands. You are right, this is a no-no. :) Thanks for the reminder!

im4given said...

thank you for visiting my blog and praying for my second cousin's family.cancer is a very scary thing for everyone. we can only trust the Lord can't we? you and your boys are absolutely beautiful..i totally understand about priorities. we had a minister once who demanded we put church first and it tore me and my dh almost apart..i prayed and God showed me i was wrong to follow that rule...i made the pastor mad but i obeyed God and have never regretted that..God bless you richly..~~deb

Col323 said...

I've never heard of the book, but will keep an eye out for it at Half Price books!

Sounds like a good read.