Friday, December 9, 2005

Several nice surprises

This chilly evening was filled with a few nice surprises...and it doesn't even have anything to do with three entries in one night!


First, my 6yo's request to watch a wholesome, non-kid movie and the aftermath thereof.


Second, dh is currently in Venezuela for the evening and will not be returning until tomorrow afternoon.  The thing about flying to a foreign country is that we are just too cheap to pay for an international call.  Too cheap for me to call him and it's entirely too scary for him to call me...can you imagine the fees and taxes they'll tack on to that call?!  So I finally get around to getting all of the kiddos in bed at 10pm when I receive this e-mail.


I love you.  Log on to your Messenger.


The same dh who was laughing at me for staying up until midnight IM'ing my 3 sisters...when we all have perfectly good cell phones to call each other... He actually opened up a new Yahoo account just to IM with his wifey.   You'd think that he'd talked to me enough earlier today...  He is so sweet and definitely the BEST part of me!  It's funny how before we were married we'd wonder what married people talked about.  Now we're going on 10 years and I still get that silly grin when I hear from him.


And now thinking about dh got me all distracted and I can't for the life of me remember what Surprise Number 3 was!  Oh yea, I now have a babysitter with a DRIVERS LICENSE (and a car)!!!  HOORAY!!!  Now she can come over before we leave and leave when we more driving back and forth for me...


Let the date night's begin!!!


asformeandmyhouse said...

Please define:




I am unfamiliar with these words. Though I think I maybe, perhaps, once upon a time ago was familiar with the terms.

mamaduso said...

Yeah for date nights! Yahoo. So, tell me what earings you decided to keep and which ones are you giving away? What doe syour husband do for work if you don't mind my asking, since he has to travel to a foreign country and all.


BrooksideAcademy said...

That is so sweet!The internet is a wonderful invention. I know there are several family members I would never get to talk to, and don't get to see - but if we're all signed on, we're all caught up<> I read about the aftermath of the movie too - sounds like something that would happen here as well - even over the Fox and the Hound, and Lion King - of course!

The irony is, my most sensitive son is our football player - defensive end.

Juliestew said...

What are those???

I'm tickled you found a sitter with a license. We married off our sitter of 4 years this past summer and just found out we'll be marrying off our present sitter this June. Oh, the life of college students. I thought people were waiting until later to marry. Maybe that was my generation. All the college sitter we've had are marrying right out of college. WOW. 20something and married. I was 30 when I got married. I moved 4 times, had 4 children and now, 10 years later I finally feel like life might be slowing down. Only because I'm not having any more children!!!

I guess you are not in the US if your hubbie is in Venezuela (SP?). Greetings from South Carolina, US.


Amber said...

Thank you for being MY friend.

I read your blog and FYI your SWEET too, don't believe me , ask ANYONE!

I enjoy reading your comments, especially between Jen and Gena. And I LOVE both your pics-SUCH CUTE BOYS! I almost named my 6th 'Chunky Monkey' :)

So where in TX do you live (don't feel obligated to answer), I used to live in Lake Jackson.

Well, see you around.

God Bless,

PS~ Hope your husband returns home soon to you all and have FUN on your dates!

Amber said...

Come to think of it, the first time I ever saw dolphins (LITERALLY 5ft in front of me) in the Gulf was at Surfside Beach (I think?) know of it? I'm not that familiar with TX, only lived there for 3mos. But, it was NICE!

God Bless,


JavaMama said...

I live in Tx too, it is such a small world and a big state! I have lived here only for 3 months also! Anyway, I am so excited about you licensed babysitter. We use to have family at our convenience where we use to live but now have no one :0(.

I encourage you to definetly dust off those books! They are a quick way for me to escape sometimes. I am a big fan of poetry!! i can not write it myself but I love to read it!


Amber said...

You may win the contest, but I just tagged you. Ha ha ha

God Bless,



Dh and I now have a LIVE IN babysiter so we can be sponataneous about our dates. We go when we are hungry or when we just want to go out. It's been nice but we had to wait many years for this blessing. I never found the right baby sitter. I am so glad you have. Enjoy your time together - it is so precious!


Amber said...

Looks like we've got some competition.

God Bless,


MyChildrenAndMe said...

Ohhhh That's so sweet... That's awsome that the hubby can still make you smile

and get that silly grin like that. I bet you can't wait for the 15th yr to come and him still making you smile and getting that silly grin when you hear his voice... Glad to hear about your babysitter.... this helps out a lot too.....


MomToTwo said...

That was so sweet of your hubby! :o) What a sweet story about your 6 yo too. It's always so surprising and touching the first time your child cries during a movie.

Momma2theMax said...

you should know that the airplane went for only 19.50 :) but still more than i would pay for a model airplane :)