Friday, December 16, 2005

It's a slow night here and other stuff

Strange that it's Friday feels really slow like a Saturday night.  I just laid my littlest one down for a nap about half an hour ago.  Since it is now 6pm I am sure I will be regretting this decision later tonight!  Oh well, sometimes you just long for that peace and quiet where no one is hanging on to your leg or crying for least for a little while.


The baby (who is now 13 months old) actually got really mad at me tonight.  Can you believe that?!  My sweet little momma's boy with his 3 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth...bright blue eyes and hilarious little laugh...mad at ME?!  He wanted something and I have absolutely no idea what.  So he starts to bang on the keyboard and I tell him NO.  He stops, cries, and then does it again.  Repeat scenario several more times.  He finally gets tired of it all, grabs the newspaper next to me (that he knows I read and use), and toddles over to the kitchen...straight to the trashcan!  Drops it in and then turns to face me with this little tear-stained look of satisfaction.  Little stinker!  And just earlier today I was showing off to my mom the fact that my littlest man could throw his own diapers away!  Hmmppphhh...I guess he'll be using that against me now!!!


Someone once said to me:

When they're really little they are just so cute you could just eat them!

And when they grow up, you wish you did!


He IS a really ultra-cutey-pie baby...sooo I won't hold this little "incident" against him.  I can only imagine the antics that he will be doing as he gets older though.  After all, he does have two big brothers...who are always having adventures...mostly good, sometimes not so good! LOL


Also earlier on this chilly evening, Tank was begging for ice cream.  So I told him No ice is TOO cold for ice cream!


I thought the conversation was over but half an hour later he comes all the way upstairs just to tell me in a very matter of fact voice:  Mommy, the INSIDE of the ice cream is NOT cold!  Puh-lease!  I wasn't exactly born yesterday little man, you cannot pull that one on me.  So he smiled and left the room.


I don't think I would've ever tried such goofy, truthless tactics to get my way when I was least not that I remember...or that I'll admit...they must get that from dh's side of the family!!!


Hope y'all have a great weekend and stay OUT of the mall!  It's a crazy, nightmare zoo out there...





angelstar said...

Oh, gosh! Your little guys sound so adorable! I remember when my boys were like that! Yes, it's true, they do grow out of it. God Bless and thank you for your kind comments and prayers! You're such a dear friend!! ~ Julie

Amber said...

PTL, that the Lord that your son's eye was healed. I'm so HAPPY you shared that with me.

God Bless,


Amber said...

My almost 1yo hasn't started to test me......YET. I dread the day, but know it will be soon.

I think they should change it from the terrible 2s to the terrible 3s. My 3yo must have somehow thought that when you turn 3, you don't listen, throw, and say Chicken Mop (I'm still trying to find out the meaning).

God Bless,


DebiG said...

I noticed that you have "Leading Little Ones To God" I have theat book. Just have not started it yet. LOL

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

after THOSE pictures?! LOL

Your little guys are so handsome! They are just cutie pies.

We had a ball last night just goofin' off. I thought those would be great pictures to drag out later on when they start dating! HA!

4Blessings said...

Little stinkers sure are cute aren't they??? It's so funny when they start expressing themselves. I have a little stinker, too and he sure knows how to express himself.

I like the little quote. CUTE!!


berrymorin said...

I took our teenage son clothes shopping yesterday. Not only was there plenty of parking but the sales were amazing! I was able to purchase him 5 T-shirts, 3 pairs of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt for under $180. My husband was thrilled.

We even picked up my husband 3 dress shirts for $4.98 each! Wow!

Devonbunny said...

Oh that made me smile, thank you for sharing :-)

Happy Christmas!

Love and blessings

Jules x

GogoMama said...

Oh, thank you Marsha for the laugh! We've been having "wish I had eaten them up" days :-). I love to read your blog. It's so REAL, encouraging, and so humble. If you're ever in Washington, DROP BY!


Col323 said...

I was visualizing this funny little

toddler skit as I read it. Oh, how funny

is he! All serious like with that newspaper!

Kids...always giving us the unexpected funny.