Friday, December 9, 2005

Seven Alone

We had seen Seven Alone once before where I carefully explained about what happens to the parents in the story.  No problems at all.  So tonight the boys ask to watch it once again.  Sure!  Why not?  I think it's great for them to watch a non-cartoon movie...and this isn't even a comedy or a regular kids' movie.


So we start watching it and all is well.  Since all is well, I thought I'd take a gander on the computer.  About a third into the movie,  my 6yo starts crying.  VERY loudly!  Big crocodile tears, red face and look of utter anguish.  I rushed over to find out what was wrong.


I just get sooo sad when people die, Mommy! 

I can't believe he died!!!  (sobbing continues...)


This was one extremely distraught boy!  I had never ever seen him look or act like this!  I explain that it's okay to be sad but remember this is a's pretend (even if based on some true story).  And I remind him that the kids are okay in the end.  He seems okay and continues to watch the movie. 


(For some strange reason, he is only crying when the dad dies and not the mommy.  But...I won't read too much into that.  I'm sure it was just an oversight on his part!)


Then towards the end when the little baby is very sick and not moving anymore...


Mommy, I think I feel one tear in my eye.

I'm a little sad about that sick baby.

I think I'm going to cry again...


I tell him that sometimes when I see something or someone sad, I cry too.  Just like when they're happy, I will smile with them.  My 4yo, on the other hand, is practically jumping on the couch and shouting: I'm not crying, mommy!  Like my other son is in trouble or something...  Silly boy making contests out of everything...even crying/not crying! 


Anyhoo, I was quite surprised to see such a sensitive side of my 6yo.  While he is a momma's boy and very affectionate, I have NEVER seen him get upset over a death on tv/movie...let alone let loose a single tear over a sick baby!  So I guess there's hope for him yet!!!  I'd much rather have a tender-hearted child than a cold-hearted one.


Now it's time to get those little boogers in bed.


G'night y'all!




Momma2theMax said...

when you get glimpses of the men they might be...(or women in my case) in the odd little moments between teaching and life?

BTW you are so sweet to have nominated me and i too would love (and can't wait to) meet you for a mocha! but it truly must have 6 shots of espresso :)

KerriHopkins said...

That is sooo sweet!!! I just love little boys. I love my girls too, of course, but there's just something about little boys. Anyway, I'm glad to hear your family is well.

Much Love,


asformeandmyhouse said...


Not just the six-year-olds,

But the four-year-olds jumping up and down on their respective couches announcing they're not doing whatever their older siblings are doing.

Thank you for the awesome job you are doing with my future son-in-laws. :)

I am tickled that they requested to watch a movie like that! Let alone the response.

BTW - my daughters know nothing of our arrangement, but Lulu has many a question for your son, all the same. She talks about your sons EVERY day since I told them about the trap they set for their Daddy. Which, they apparently did in HER mind because they are BOYS.

Silly Boys.

Praying for safe travels for your biggest silly boy this evening!

Love, Kari


You are so funny. You crack me up with your comments on my blog. When are you guys moving to TN?


GogoMama said...

Maybe he cried over the dad and not the mom because he cannot even IMAGINE ever being without YOU ;-).

mrskbrook said...

It's so wonderful to see them be "all boy" but be able to sensitive to other too, isn't it??? And LOL at the 4 yo, sounds just like my 2, a contest about everything! We also love Seven Alone.

Kg said...

Marsha, thanks for sharing this...very funny and very touching at the same time. It does seem like a "milestone" when our kiddos cry for the first time from a movie or book, doesn't it?

BTW, do I "know" you from the Sonlight forums? I'm Kg on the island...