Saturday, December 10, 2005

My 6yo and eBay

I went to a CHRISTmas party this evening and dh stayed home with the kiddos.  It was going to be a boys' night of wrestling with each other!  All is well until dh receives an e-mail saying:




Hmmmmm??? We haven't bid on anything lately...


He looks further down the e-mail to see:



You are currently the high bidder for the following eBay item

Gemini Jets Braniff Intl "Ultra" Boeing 747-200 - MIB
Your current bid:US $15.99
Your maximum bid:

US $6,466,557.00


Yes, you saw that correctly!!!

Your maximum bid:US $6,466,557.00


I had no idea that we were:

1. That wealthy!

2. Won the lotto!

3. or my 6yo has a side job that is making a whole lotta money!!!


Needless to say, I think he will be grounded from the computer for some time.  Although it is really hilarious, isn't it?!  Especially since we were able to retract the bid.


I always knew he was smart with the computer, but I guess not so much with money...because that model airplane was NOT worth quite that much money! 


And you know my frugal (read cheapskate!) husband almost had a heart attack over that one!  But now we're just laughing hysterically about it.  Guess it also teaches daddy dearest to not leave tempting eBay windows open on his computer.  Dash, however, did have to click many a button to type in bid, confirm bid, etc.  Good thing he did decide to do a search on toys or something...then we'd have really been in trouble!!!


sagerats said...

Wowser! I'm glad you were able to retract that bid. Hope your outing was wonderful!


CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl said...

I love you boys. Yes, really. They are so creative and funny and smart. And I love all the stuff you post about them. I think that I will start posting about my children because your posts have inspired me.

oh man, I am still laughing. How in the world did he log on?


asformeandmyhouse said...

is one bright boy!

So glad he's OURS ;)

Love, Kari

BTW - I notice you and Amber are all bark and no post...I DID say that the winner had to be a really HIGH number commenter....

ccmmum said...

That is too funny!


How funny!

How nice that your husband watched the boys for you.

I hope you had a fun night!


JavaMama said...

Talk about scary! I think I would have had a heartattack! It is funny since you could retract the bid, whoey huh? I have a blog where I write about my boys from their perspective, I enjoy writing down what they say and do, I learn a lot from them!

4Blessings said...

Funny! Funny! Funny!! He really wanted that airplane;)

I'm glad you were able to retract that bid!!

Your boys always make me laugh, Jenn

DiWilliams said...

That is TOO funny! ROFL

That's something I'd expect out of one of MY boys!

Blessings ~ Diane

MySmokyMtnHomeschool said...

THAT is funny! They learn young, don't they! That reminds me of a funny eBay related story. I'll have to post it on my blog!

Sorry I've not answered back much lately. I've been really busy. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them. :-D I am also thankful that HSB allowed me to meet you. Isn't something, how we never in a million years would we have met if it had not been for HSB. LOL (You know, you in TX, me in the *Smoky* Mtns.) :-P

I'm glad you liked the pictures. I am having fun playing with my new toy. I am still trying to figue out what all it does. This is not the camera I've originally been drewling over for the last several months, but it is only a few steps down from it. I am VERY pleased with it. (Can you see me grinning from ear to ear.) LOL. I updated my photo blog, if you want to see some of the other pictures I did. I'll be adding some more, I am sure! LOL

Well, I'll quit hogging your blog (since I've rambled on enough.) Have a great night!


Amy Beth <><

Have you been to the forums?

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Juldos said...

So funny! I'd say keep that boy away from Ebay. Sometimes my 12 year old wants to look at legos on Ebay, but I make sure I am not signed on to Ebay, so there will be no bidding! : )

Happy Day!

Julie D.

blessedwifeandmommy said...

I always see your commens on 4blessings blog so I *finally* made it over here to yours and I have to say that I have been ROFL through the whole thing. Kids truly are amazing aren't they? I guess your ds decided to buy his own Christmas present this year! LOL

In Him, Heather

gal51 said...

That is just too too too funny! My DD (who is 5 1/2) knows what ebay is (because I frequent it so much) but I guess I will have be extra careful that she doesn't pick up on how it's done exactly ... thanks for sharing and for the laugh thoday!



DandelionSeeds said...

Okay... a;lsdjfa;sldkfja;sldjf;aslkjdf... I'm dyin' here... a;lskdfja;sldfja;sldkfjasldkfj... that is just too funny! Your boys are a hoot! I still smile when I think of what they did to keep daddy at home... I wonder what they'll be like as teens... hmmmmmmmmmm...

Love ya,