Friday, December 2, 2005

Secrets of Successful Homeschooling-- It's finally here!

Hooray!!!  The much awaited e-book Secrets of Successful Homeschooling: You Have What It Takes To Homeschool! is finally here!



I am very honored to have gotten a sneak peek at this great book!  Our very own Paul & Gena Suarez brought together a great group of homeschoolers to share their own stories about how to homeschool know, the really practical stuff they learned the hard you don't have to!


Secrets of Successful Homeschooling was easy, enjoyable and very encouraging to read.  I wasn't sure at first how I'd feel about an e-book over the normal paper form that we all love...(but how could we expect normal from Gena? And even if she was...she's related to JenIG...and I don't have to say any more about that).  But you know what?  Those crazy people can come up with some very great ideas!  For example, the uber-cool part about an e-book is that when they list a link in the book-- you can click on it and it will actually TAKE YOU THERE!  No more hunting for a scrap piece of paper to write a web address on (and lose later)...just click and you are there immediately!


The first half of this book offers support and encouragement and lots of great advice.  New homeschoolers will feel empowered and old vets (okay, young vets too!) will feel refreshed and renewed in their homeschooling.  The second half covers the nuts and bolts of it all.  Things like how to homeschool on the cheap, teaching reading, and even teaching children with special needs.  It's all in there...from well-known authors like Cindy Rushton, Terri Camp, Christine Field, and Lorrie your fellow HSBloggers like Coie, Julie Nott, Kris Price, and others...including, ahem, yours truly!  


Another bonus, at least in my currently hectic life, is that the chapters are relatively short and to the point.  So you can start AND finish a chapter over a cup of coffee or tea.  And if you're a brand new homeschooler, you won't be overwhelmed with a plethora of information in one sitting (I've always wanted to use that word!).


So check it out!  I think y'all would really enjoy it!  Besides, how fun is it to read stuff written by people you actually know?!


SteveWalden said...

This looks like a *really* good book and my wife is always looking for things she can pass on to other moms who need it.

RainyDayMichele said...

Looks like yet another great book....this one is going on my Christmas List. :) Then again....maybe it can be Merry Christmas to me. :)

I am ROFLOL at your comment! I guess we would be able to carry on a great phone conversation, eh? Btw...HOOK"EM HORNS! :)

julie said...

Thanks for your wonderful review of the e-book!

You and I are one of the many "newbies" to this writing adventure, huh? Your chapter was... well... uh .... very convicting...oh man did I put that in writing?!?

I hope many homeschooling Moms (and future ones!) will take advantage of this amazing resource!



berrymorin said...

I love reading homeschoolers book recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, I love what you wrote on my blog about the mitten tree. Cute.